August Bank Holiday Racing for Vintage and Modern

31/07/2009 17:57:46
Both vintage and modern Merlins will be welcome at Roadford Lake in Devon over August Bank Holiday weekend August 29th-31st. For the vintage boats it is the 10th anniversary national regatta of the Classic and Vintage Racing Dinghy Association with racing also counting for the DeMay vintage series.
For modern boats there is the Goodacre Cup, an open event running alongside the cvrda nationals.

Roadford is a superb venue, a large open reservoir with on-site camping and just off the A30 between Okehampton and Launceston. There will be a "bring your own food" barbeque on Saturday and a hog roast and band on Sunday. Racing is optional - there's room to just cruise and for non-sailors there are walks around the lake or on neaby Dartmoor.

Full details on the cvrda website and forum.
03/08/2009 09:46:31
Andy Hay - Enchantment 3386
Might have negotiated a pass for this one - assuming that we survive the Nationals unscathed. So hopefully, Enchantment will be there in the modern category!

Since Roadford is only 20 minutes from here, this would be our most local event, so we really should make the effort!

17/08/2009 17:47:40
There's now nine or ten classic Finns coming. Can the Merlins beat their turnout???

17/08/2009 20:29:24

Smokey Bear(3025) is now watertight with a smart new repair making the boat better than 'new'! The lower 3 planks should get their final coat of white tomorrow, allowing the boat to be relaunched wed/thursday.

Will try to make roadford...will Half Cut be out of the garage by then


17/08/2009 21:54:53
Half Cut will be there even if she has to have more Brightlingsea duct tape to hold her together!

18/08/2009 12:48:40
BEWARE... the Brightlingsea version of duct tape only works on salt water....

18/08/2009 22:03:30
Anglian Webfoot
No it doesn't. I used that blue stuff to mend my watering can 3 years ago and its still more or less holding the water.  Terrific stuff but sadly I have finished the reel.

19/08/2009 10:53:58
Gay Gordon
I've never seen duct tape used in Scottish dancing - so a brand new use for it has been uncovered.  I suppose it saves you from flying apart in a Dashing White Sergeant!!

19/08/2009 12:43:10
Beauregard McTavish of that Ilk
Obviously good stuff, I wonder if it could hold Hamilton House together then?

22/08/2009 11:09:12
Works on Shear Water too - disgusting blue green algeaed soup of fishing bait boilies and dog food!

Vintage folks please note that Sunday's three races will count for the De May trophy.

24/08/2009 23:03:18
chris B
Some very early (true)merlins will be there. I will have no. 6 and I think Garry is hoping to get all the way from Aberdeen with 111. Hope to see some more too.

26/08/2009 08:18:40
take him a while in a Merlin :-)


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