Next vintage event

31/07/2009 14:45:35
Off to Wroxham next I see, but I have very little information on the event. I'd be grateful for any information you can add below, for the benefit of anyone who might be going.
31/07/2009 18:36:35
Anglian Webfoot
Just get there before 10ish and wait for Jamie to turn up and fire a gun or ring a bell or shout "Bang".  Go round a few marks with a variety of different coloured flags in the morning, have some Woodfordes Wherry and an excellent sandwhich or something more substantial. Do the same again and a bit more in the afternoon whilst mixing it with some boats with bowsprits.  Drink some more Woodfordes Wherry and relax on the club veranda whilst admiring what be one of the most attractive sailing locations in the UK then partake of Jamie and Mrs Jamie's barbie for which the contribution is a pound or two.  Come back on Sunday to continue racing with the CVRDA folk............and oh yes have another pint of Woodfordes Wherry!  Bliss

02/08/2009 20:51:45
chris B
I was hoping to get there but apart from being a long way from somerset I'm afraids the gods have other plans for me that weekend. I've only made it to Wroxham once but loved the venue and company. Very sorry to miss it.
C &L

20/10/2009 10:01:06
I see Mike Stephens has won the series.


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