Weighing heavy on my mind...

31/07/2009 08:41:36
Measurement Man
Must be a sign of age or something, but I can't find the Association scales, nor remember lending them !

Defo had them for weighing Tom Stewart's new boat a few months ago, but now...?

They are required urgently for use at the Champs, so could the person to whom I lent them remind me, please?

Thanks very much,

07837 239958

31/07/2009 16:28:40
Rob Heath
G-tis me you lent them to for settling a contentious issue, issue settled, no longer contentious so I'll bring them with me to Whitstable on the Saturday or we could meet somewhere on neutral territory for a handover


31/07/2009 16:36:01
Measurement Man
Ah fablious!

If you could take them to Whitstable for the champs, Rob, that would be great.

Have a good week!

Speak soon,



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