Marine plywood suppliers

29/07/2009 07:46:40
I am restoring a merlin rocket(2127) Could anyone give me contacts for marine ply besides Robbins, Kayo & Bantons and preferable around the London area.

Many Thanks


29/07/2009 12:47:17
John Dalby
I am afraid that I only know of Robbins these days. I suspect that various members will be watching this thread with interest and I would be grateful if the responses were not limited to suppliers in the London area. I would advise that, when ordering, specify the number of ply's

29/07/2009 12:59:25
A little bit of 'google' research
DHH [Timber Products ] Ltd
Units 4 & 6,
Milehams Industrial Estate,
Tank Hill Road,

228 Old London Road
Marks Tey
Essex CO6 1HD

RM19 1SX.

29/07/2009 18:19:20
Peter 3112
Try Dolphin Quay Boatyard at Emsworth in Hampshire; I have bought the odd offcut from them and seem to remember them telling me they have a cheaper supplier than Robbins.

Best of luck.
29/07/2009 18:21:46
I have always used Robbins but I am about to order just one sheet of Ply and their delivery is more than the timber. I am also in the London area so if there is one That would be handy.

29/07/2009 19:10:34
James Latham - they probably supply Robbins. Although Robbins supply highly selected panels whichare suitable for varnishing with high quality face side.
Depot: James Latham Thurrock
Address: Unit 4,
Dolphin Way
RM19 1NZ
Telephone: 01708 869800
Fax: 01708 860900
Email Address: [email protected]
If they won't sell you one panel, try a local timber merchant, Alsford, Merton, Howarth etc, and they should be able to order you one.

29/07/2009 22:51:30
John Dalby
Getting interesting.  We used Bruynzeel ply (as did Spud Rowsell) some years ago but contact dried up when Bruynzeel seemed to pull out of the UK.  This was top quality and was available with different facings. I have just done a little search and found that a company in Scotland - Hully Marine in Dumbarton suggest that they supply it. I also looked at the Bruynzeel web site and sadly, they no longer list the 7mm thick sheets, this everyone used for the hull planks (to ensure that bthe 6mm rule was not broken). However, they may make some to special order - worth asking if you want to build a complete hull.

30/07/2009 09:08:00
Rod & Jo Sceptical
When I had to mend 1620 I couln't find the original Bruynzeel Regina, but a 6mm version with somewhat different layer thicknesses.

30/07/2009 23:21:05
Its a hike for you, but kjhowells in poole is where I got mine, Drove there with the wife, hired a van in Poole one way, she drove the car back . 50 a sheet, 3 ply, crown cut, sapele through-out. LLyods stamped, no voids. Outer layers around 1mm thick (4mm overall). Fairly pleased with. Havent found any voids. It is hard to find the right quality, and worth the effort at half the price of Robbins (IMHO). Very good selection of other timber too. Given time to browse, emptied their rack and picked the best, they were cool with that.


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