Shoreham Open

26/07/2009 21:01:00
quick note to advise that the Shoreham Open next weekend clashes with the Brighton Pride Parade which starts at 11am and runs through until about 6pm, so be aware that the A23/A27 junction may well be busy on your journey down, especially if we're treated to a bit of sunshine! 

The curry night is back by popular demand (!) and there is plenty of free camping available at the club. Just 3 weeks until the champs so an excellent turn out expected - you're also welcome to leave boats down and join in club racing the following w/e

Directions are on the club website
27/07/2009 08:13:51
are you and alex not sailing on the saturday then?

27/07/2009 10:17:49
Oh, here they come.... ;-))

27/07/2009 12:26:35
What is Shoreham like to sail at?  Never been before and pondering a visit.

27/07/2009 12:53:02
If there is some wind, you won't be disappointed.

27/07/2009 12:56:27
Shoreham is one of the few places where you can get decent sarf coast sailing without the shingly hell of beach launching and recovery. Launching is down a relatively gently wooden ramp into the harbour and then a short sail out to the sea itself. Provided that the breeze is from the southern half of the compass, it will be reasonably constant and you'll get waves that are sufficiently well-spaced for lots of luverly surfing downwind.

Added to the friendly nature of most of the natives and the fact that Ross has mown the lawns and re-arranged the deckchairs, there's nothing to stop you coming....the forecast even looks reasonable (this far in advance!)

27/07/2009 13:14:21
How do you know I cut the grass yesterday... there must be spies in the mist

Event is shared with the Phantoms who are a good bunch and adds something to the evening social mix. 2 barels of beer ordered!

This year Alan will be using a normal triangle/sausage course. Most likely will have a seperate finish boat for the first race, so the Merlins can start off even if Phantoms still finishing.

27/07/2009 13:25:32
Sounds like it should be a good crack.  Heard rumours of enourmas waves in previous years, and the photo's seem to back that up, is that normal or was that just an exceptionally windy day?

27/07/2009 13:46:06
Last year was a F3-5 on the Sat, with a F5-6 on the Sunday. The waves were pretty big.

Lets hope for a nice F3-4 this year!

27/07/2009 15:26:39
This weekend was SW f4-5 and included some pretty big waves! I just hope it hasn't peaked too soon and we get some fun conditions next w/e!

27/07/2009 18:29:20
Rossy is there any room to squeeze my tent in?...Still can't sail but I'll help you drink the two barrells!

27/07/2009 19:12:49
We are coming anlong with a tent too and i know of a few others so should be a fun night!! Is two barrels going to be enough?!!

27/07/2009 19:26:05
Plenty of room round back of club. We're not strictly aloud to have campers on site, however the neighbours don't seem to mind as long as visitors respectfully keep the noise down outside after dark. As long as they stay on our side it provides visitors with free accomadation, so no one go spoiling it (no borrowing their garden furniture either, you know who you are ;-)

Hywel, Jez the bar is fully stocked with bottles and cans too, if the barrels run dry!

31/07/2009 10:13:16
Latest forecast looking good!!!
05/08/2009 14:57:41
See report
05/08/2009 17:47:51
Measurement Man
Do I spot from the write up that Alan Bax was sailing Tom's boat with Liam?

There is a suspicion that he may be getting some time in the boat ahead of Fed Week.. Anyone got any goss on that?


08/08/2009 08:38:50
Shoreham results are now on the club site (Sorry, can't make it happen as a hyperlink!).

10/08/2009 13:32:20
Yes you can!


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