Anyone thinking of Selling a Carbon Mast?

27/05/2009 18:50:57
Still looking for a carbon mast, Superspars would be nice, let me know if thinking of selling your spare!

28/05/2009 13:47:32
Jon E
Time for a reality check dude.  Nobody sells carbon masts in good nick, there's just no reason to sell your carbon mast.  Just buy one new and you'll probably find that the place you buy it from (in my case, P&B) will supply exactly the right rigging and you get someone like Tom Stewart to stick it on your boat and make sure it points in the right direction.  This in itself is worth the price of admission.  Sorry if it seems like a negative post.  Good luck on getting a cheap one.

28/05/2009 15:01:13
There is this high aspect mast, but guess it is more for a merlin in the sub 2000 sail #s

Tosh has a broken chipstowe if your good with carbon....

Agree there are probably only 2-3 masts a year max that get sold seperately
28/05/2009 18:20:30
Forget chasing a carbon stick and actually get out on the water with what you have before the season is over!

28/05/2009 18:23:34
Hey guys, genuine thanks for the helpful advice.  

I should have clarified that it's for a deck stepped 'conventional' aspect ratio, and said that I have already checked out with Scott the mast he has for sale, but it's a fiddle to convert it to the later aspect ratio - moving all the fittings upwards acording to SS.

Obviously the option to buy new is ever present, but S/H masts do come along from time to time and many which change hands may never reach the for sale list. There may well be owners with a 'just in case' SS mast hanging up which could convert into a useful £500

Equally, more affluent owners may be considering a long overdue upgrade to a more expensive carbon mast, lets say for Salcome, and I'm happy to consider their old Super Spars!

Its probably stating the obvious but if I could afford and justify a brand new mast the M1 would already be on the garden fence, and as the old saying goes, if you dont ask........

28/05/2009 22:07:49
Chris M
Scotts stuff is a very good price, if you can live with the high aspect and the ;ack of new secondhand sails.

29/05/2009 00:39:54
Thanks Chris, 
I think Scott is still away on a 4 week break, but before leaving he did offer the high aspect mast at a good price - but it is the future sail supply that the 'conventional' aspect allows which is part of the attraction.
I do have a decent dacron sail on an M1 mast which will keep me going, (so Mr Graphite needn't worry), and the possibility of a carbon mast for DIY repair.
I figured If I keep looking I might get one in time for next season haha.

29/05/2009 09:54:53
Kieron, I have left a phone message for you at your home number re a secondhand carbon mast.Your email address returned my mail...

29/11/2009 21:13:57
KM2825: Are you still looking for a carbon mast?
I may have one for sale soon...

30/11/2009 00:27:15
Hi Chris, sent e mail,


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