Another caption contest?

27/04/2009 08:34:59
John Murrell
Comments please!
27/04/2009 08:44:39
Hard hiker
Husband: No I can't hike harder ive got to wave at the press boat and hold the grin

27/04/2009 10:55:13
A pat on the head is enough reward for your crew. Or pat harder if they aren't hiking low enough.

27/04/2009 10:58:32
'Victor and Margaret were only 25 when they started the windward leg'

27/04/2009 20:36:43
Chris M
After a hard day at the office nothing de-stresses a man better than a spot of wife beating where noone can see you....................

27/04/2009 21:21:03
floppy toppy

28/04/2009 22:44:40
Same Old
Spare the Rod

29/04/2009 13:21:09
Rod 3586
Mike, that was far to subtle!!!

30/04/2009 16:18:08

02/05/2009 22:32:16
Same Old
Thank you Rod, nobody has ever called me subtle before. As subtle as a half-brick in a sock about sums it up.

30/11/2009 15:21:58
Here's another great photo.

What do you need to tow the best-looking Merlin?
The best-looking car, of course....
30/11/2009 17:28:37
Pity about the trailer mudguards.

30/11/2009 20:44:01
I've already told Andy! First thing I spotted.

If you're going to be colour coordinated you have to do it right. Next up we'll have some photos of Andy in his orange jumpsuit...

30/11/2009 20:45:50
Squeal like a pig, Boy!

01/12/2009 08:16:47
Follow link and sroll down for some pictures of the culprits caught in the act..........
01/12/2009 08:51:15
Shame bout the Car realy ;P

01/12/2009 09:35:50
Garry R
Don't forget to tell DVLA about the colour change.  If you have a bump the insurance company will use any excuse to wriggle out of a payout.  However on the bright side, whoever hits you can't use the "Never saw you mate" excuse!!


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