Salcombe Week winning crews

23/04/2009 17:30:17
Due to various requests over the years I'd started to add detials of the winning crews to the past Salcombe Week winners page. I have done this for the last decade, but before that don't know who they were. 

Anyone have records, or can help with specific years please feel free to email me.

Thanks, Ross
23/04/2009 19:36:46
Ross - Sara Warren won it, in 1990 with Martin.

24/04/2009 07:28:41
Peter Scott
1979 3160 Bullet helm Kevin Haynes crew Peter Scott - one doesn't forget the fleeting moment of glory! And well done for gathering the crews details

24/04/2009 10:59:13
1978, I think Intrigue was crewed by Mandy Fowler. No doubt someone will confirm!

24/04/2009 11:17:50
Thanks guys, have about 10 crews added already!

Peter per the year book the 1979 winning boat was Phantom Rider and not Bullet. Can you confirm it was indeed Bullet please? If so I'll update that too.

24/04/2009 22:22:13
en croute
Good idea Ross. I recall helping Chris Powell to win in 86 and 87. Maybe I would do better this year if I went back to crewing!

25/04/2009 05:44:39
Peter Scott
Whilst memories of the week are hazy (!) I can confirm it was 3160 Bullet - the Yearbook entry is incorrect. Kevin did win a couple of years or so prior to 1979 in Phantom Rider crewed by Richard Howell

26/04/2009 20:23:36
Thanks Peter and Duncan. Replies coming in fast!

26/04/2009 22:23:57
Andrew M
From the Merlin Rocket book in 1977 Spud Rowsell had Jon Turner crewing Fuming FWIW

06/05/2009 12:06:36
Ross has published the list so far. 

Still lots of gaps we need your help with. Surely the Ancient Geek and Robert Harris are the oracles we need to ask?
06/05/2009 12:43:27
Ancient Geek
I only did one Salcombe Week (1964.) John Harris crew was Sue Vines (Later Harris!).
Whilst mentioning crews in print what about the Silver Tiller Crews? Their names are of course on the Trophy but recognition in print would I am sure be appreciated, it was only when Tim Hockin became Chairman we could get a prize for them.

06/05/2009 13:01:49
Ancient Geek, fear not I'm on the case. I had the ST trophy in my possession for a few days last year before the prizegiving. I took detailed photos of the engraving, so have the crews and boat names. Will aim to update by the time this years winner is added.

06/05/2009 13:30:04
Er, I thought the whole idea of the ST was that it was for helms?! The official wording makes that clear. These days so many helms chop and change crews as well as boats.


06/05/2009 13:34:31
The trophy has always listed a crew and boat, even though these can change during the campaign. I guess the idea has been to list the main crew and boat used.

06/05/2009 13:39:48
I am informed by JH that the 1965 Salcombe win was not in 1561 Paragon, he had sold it by then. It was actually won in his fathers boat 1079 Passing Cloud.

06/05/2009 13:47:50
Will check the year book incase I made a typo when I transcibed it. If not it appears this has been wrong in the year book for the short period of 44 editions ;-)

06/05/2009 13:51:04
Or his memory is faulty, perhaps Robert can confirm ?
He also remembers a tied year with 2 winners.

06/05/2009 14:35:01
Err... weren't Mike and Mandy Fowler brother and sister rather than husband and wife? Have I got it wrong? Does Pat know?

06/05/2009 14:41:23
Ancient Geek
From my memory Mike & Mandy Fowler were indeed brother and sister. I suspect it was by 1968  that Harris had sold Paragon he certainly had her in 1965, he won a race not in the Championships but at the Championships in heavy weather crewed by Robert.
As to Silver Tiller Crews in my Merlin Rocket days we did tend to pair up for a year, though of course we did have "guests".

07/05/2009 13:27:20
Robert Harris
Referring to WP's comment about two winners one year, I've always thought my brother John and I tied for first place in 1963. So does John but the Year Book has always listed me only.

07/05/2009 13:41:16
Yes could have been 1968......

07/05/2009 13:52:43
I remember an amusing photo sequence of Mike Fowler with his tiller extension stuck up between the boom and the loose foot of his mainsail, I wonder whatever happened to it ?

07/05/2009 14:22:43
Barry Dunning
Mike Fowler crewed Alan and I in the Soling Olympic trials in 1980. Last saw Mike in San Francisco in 1982. He was a heart surgeon. Has anyone heard from him since? Mandy was certainly his sister.

07/05/2009 14:29:21
Here he is......
08/05/2009 12:17:32
William Harris
I believe we used to refer to them as Mork and Mindy. For those not old enough to remember, it was a Happy Days offshoot and launched the career of Robin Williams.

08/05/2009 12:37:38
Richard Battey
Nano,Nano. God i'm showing my age!!

08/05/2009 15:30:04
As for those pics of Mike performing, have a look in the MR Book.

13/05/2009 12:04:46
Tony Lane
Are you still seeking names of Salcombe winning crews? If so please let me know for which years.

13/05/2009 12:28:46
Hi Tony

Latest version should be up soon. Jennie King kindly filled in about 10 years worth the other day. I'll email it over to you this afternoon if you would be kind enough to help with some of the eralier years.

Thanks, Ross

14/05/2009 15:51:24
Delighted to see crews getting the recognition they deserve. Hence I have also updated the Hunts results....missing out crew names is a terrible shame I feel.
15/05/2009 11:38:42
Ross has updated the list once more, thanks to Tony Lane and Jennie King. Have a look at the question marks and the blank spaces, and let him know...
08/07/2009 12:54:28
Richard Howl
1976 I was the crew for Kevin Haynes in 2398 Phantom Rider

09/07/2009 16:12:51
Thanks Richard. Only 10 or so to confirm go now.

I'll take a look at the trophy during Salcombe to see if it gives any info on crews

10/07/2009 08:48:51
Pat Blake
Nice to hear from you Richard - I hope the world is treating you well.
He did indeed win it with Kevin - must have been 1976!
Harry Roome won it with his wife Pru - 1980
And Gerry Burnham won it with his wife Deidre - 1969
I am sure Mike Fowler was sailing with Mandy when they won it and I remember Richard Parslow winning with JT so I think those question marks could be removed.
That really just leaves John Harris' who sailed with Dave Wooton and Robin Turner but I can't remember who won what?
And Chris Andrews crew - could it have been one of his sons?
Richard Fullford Smith maybe doing some race officering for us this week - so someone must remember to ask him

10/07/2009 12:17:59
Many thanks Pat, and to David Child and Chris Rathbone too.

Chris reckoned Dave Wooton crewed John in 72 and 73. Apprently Dave now sails an MRX at Wembley, so perhaps one of that crowd could kindly check.

Apart from John's crews still missing 1959, 1974, 1983 and 1988.

Great team work collecting all the crews details!

10/07/2009 16:31:44
Richard Davis
Jon Turner crewed Chris Andrews in 1974

11/07/2009 10:19:30
Robert Harris
I'm pretty certain our cousin Richard Gaunt crewed John at one Salcombe Week. Ross, grab John at Salcombe, he told me he's forgotten but if you pester him you might get the missing names out of him.

27/07/2009 12:23:59
Checked the Salcombe Week trophy at the prize giving and JH won Salcombe week in 1968 sailing 1079 Passing Cloud not Paragon as shown in the records. Not sure who the crew was though......

27/07/2009 13:55:47
Thanks Richard, I've added Jon as Chris's crew in 74

Robert it seems your memory was correct that Passing Cloud won once. I wonder why your brother went back to using an older boat than he'd previously won in at the time?

27/07/2009 14:24:03
I think he had sold Paragon and was awaiting his new boat, Passing Cloud was his fathers boat.

04/08/2009 14:13:01
File now updated again. Thanks Ross.
05/08/2009 09:49:09
the gurn
I expect I am stating the obvious but Y & Y always published the Salcombe results - they have an archive I presume? Back to my Champs traing regime.

05/08/2009 11:41:19
Dipping into the Y&Y archive would be possible I guess, when I am next visiting the head office.

06/08/2009 08:47:49
William Harris
Sorry to be a pedant but if John won in Passing Cloud in 1968 then the designer and builder needs to change to Jack Holt.

06/08/2009 09:07:54
Peter Scott
Only just in the same corner  - In 1979 the design was a 'Bad Company' and the builder one Mr L Smart

06/08/2009 10:01:40
Would be great to read some of the old Y & Y Salcombe reports, any chance of seeing them on the Website ?

06/08/2009 10:08:15
Good spot guys, I had changed some boat names following feedback, but forgot to change the other detials. Will update in due course...

06/08/2009 13:47:27
I will ask about copyright issues on the old Y & Y Salcombe reports. It would also need someone who had the time to look at a photo, and re-type the words in.

What years are the best? I.e. where should I start?!!

06/08/2009 14:30:38
That probably depends on your age but the 80's and early 90's up to the current results would be a good place to start.

06/08/2009 15:06:50
I'm not an expert on copyright or the T&C's of Y&Y, but as Y&Y don't pay for race reports submitted by public, I would assume that the copyright of race reports lies with the authors. This would create some practical problems getting permission. Other sites deal with this with a simple 'if you think you copyright has been violate - contact us and we will take it down', statement

06/08/2009 16:30:43
I would guess that a lot of the reports were also printed in the Merlin mags so horders of old copies or maybe past editord may have the copy ?

06/08/2009 21:56:18
Modern scanners have text recognition software which is absolutely brilliant at converting print to a text file. Saves no end of re-typing.

07/08/2009 11:59:30
That depends on whether you can break the spine of the inch thick hardback volume that the magazine issue is bound in, to get the scanner inside far enough.

Also, that puts all the time on me to do it! I'd much rather farm the work out if I take a few quick snaps here and there. Sorry to say it like that, but thats how it is.......manic.

07/08/2009 14:28:03
I'd be happy to help, send them over.
Might even be able to do something clever with OCR.

07/08/2009 16:46:26
If you have access to Microsoft OneNote 2007 (available with quite a few of the MS Office packages), you should be able to apply OCR to an area of a scanned in image or an area of a JPEG photo.


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