Jacko's reports from Maylandsea Bay

12/03/2008 15:56:15
Andrew M
Just to direct anyone who hasn't yet seen them to the reports Jacko has been filing on the winter series in Essex.



(there is an edited version on Y&Y but you have to look at the blog for the true flavour of the piece, complete with photos)

12/03/2008 16:26:55
Garry R
My word, he does write well - very entertaining.  Does he file copy at the finish gun?

12/03/2008 16:47:12
Heshould write for Yachts and Yachting more readable and more informative than most stuff.

05/01/2010 11:37:23
Another great article from Jacko...with excellent use of the word "chuff".

05/01/2010 16:15:10
Brightlingsea SC had a good turnout with 3/5 modern boat boats there. One was missing due to illness and the other one due to the cold - and it was your weather Craig!!

Fleet here is looking up with potentially three new Merlins joining us - one bought, one looking at boats and one talking about looking at boats. Roll on next year!

PS for those B'Sea readers the rumoured "looking" candidate was confirmed by the person doing the looking yesterday and we all know about Dan/Pete.

05/01/2010 17:17:12
"The cheque is in the post": membership and boat park request were sent this morning.

"Enchanted Evening" is being pampered at present: inside the P&B centrally heated workshop, having new bits glued and screwed on - we felt there weren't enough ropes!

If the weather warms up, we might go and fetch it.

05/01/2010 20:09:34
She who must be obeyed has just pointed out that the winning Merlin is for sale (and sail) for collection as soon as the new one arrives around the Dinghy Show.  Anyone interested drop me an Email especially from B'Sea as it would be nice to keep it in the club.


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