Merlin 2919

04/05/2007 10:16:02
Hi all
I have recently bought 2919 Go-Blower.
Does anyone have any info on it?
I know its a 1970ish Hornblower made by Anderson, Rigden, perkins.

It was in a bit of a sorry state when I got it. It had been sat on a very dodgy trolley with all the weight resting on one small area of the hull, resulting in the planks "sinking" inwards.
Not a problem though as I know a very good joiner/boatbuilder who is on the job as we speak.
Will hopefully be on the water in a month or so.

Cheers guys

04/05/2007 12:35:20
Peter Blowers owned this originally, he was at Draycote water at the time and the Hornblower was one of the favoured designs.

04/05/2007 12:46:58
At one stage there was 2575 Myth Isle (Rowsell), 2664 Mr Mistofolees (ARP), 2754 Rising Sun (Bob Hoare), 2824 Paper Sun(Aln) and then 2919 Go Blower there was another Cats Cradle (Forgot the No) also an ARP boat

04/05/2007 14:00:04
Tony Lane
2919  Go-Blower was built by Andersen Rigden And Perkins at Whitstable in 1974.
Cats Cradle was number 2773 also built by ARP.
All the DWSC boats mentioned above were Callaghan designed Hornblowers except 2754 Rising Sun which was a Hotspur.
Other new boats at Draycote in 1975 included David Liddington's 2935 Scarlet Pimpernel,a very fast Rowsell built Smokers. He won the Inland Champs that year at Draycote from some illustrious names. Alan Warren with Peter Gallagher was 2nd. Pikey and Patrick King were 3rd. Mike and Mandy Fowler 4th. Guy Winder 5th and Roger Taylor and Debbie 6th. I think I may have been the Race Officer for my sins.
Another young man at DWSC at the time was a certain Phil King sailing 2958 Moriarty, also a Smokers but built by Keith Probert. I remeber Draycote club racing was quite competitive!

04/05/2007 15:10:36
Hi Tony

As 2754 was my boat, and the certificate said it is a Hornblower, I'm afraid that the year book is/was incorrect in its design for this boat

16/07/2012 19:16:23
Nick Cottle
I have just acquired MR 2919 which is currently being stripped and re painted.  It is in excellent condition and am looking forward to getting her on the water.  Does anyone have any idea what her original colour was ?  I'd just like to know to keep her as original as possible.  Thanks


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