former merlin sailors doing well in other classes

09/02/2005 13:26:42
Good to see Ellen doing so well.  As a class we really should be better at publicising the success of former merlin sailors (however brief their association).  Maybe we should invite her along to Hayling Island?

As an aside though - How fast would one of our current hot shots get round the world ?

09/02/2005 15:23:06
M/R Man
They say that the crwam as well as the scum always floats to the top.

09/02/2005 15:29:30
She would probably expect the price of a brand new Winder to put in an appearance.  Where did the rest of us go wrong?

09/02/2005 17:46:13
M/R Man
It's £50K a pop todays price inflation!

10/02/2005 10:00:57
the gurn
Quite agree about past Merlin Rocketeers - almost anyone you think of, who has gone on to greater things has had a spell in MR's - Round the World - Americas Cup. Olympics - we should have a list on the web page -sadly dont think I will feature.

Dont forget that if you are sailing near here we have a great B & B !! check the web page. ( another amateur attempt)
10/02/2005 11:43:46
Come on then...lets try getting the list rolling...
Past and present Merlin Sailors who have gone on/ acheived better things!
Alan Warren
Ozzie Stewart
Pat and Jilly Blake
errr... help please!

10/02/2005 12:39:49
Lawrie Smith
Mike McNamara....

10/02/2005 12:45:39
What about sailor who have acheived great things and now choose to sail Merlins?

10/02/2005 17:04:30
Soo annoying!
It really bugs me that whenever you lot talk about people doing so well in sailing you always mention the helm or the eldest person in the boat. Obviously the crew works hard to, its team effort. Also why do you never praise the young sailers when they do well for there ablity, you need to give them praise and motivation for them too feel good about them selfs so then they sail more, and get even better positions than they already have achieved, from practice, i think they do so well for there ages but you lot never comment. ITS JUST SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10/02/2005 17:07:52
I think we should also hear it for those that have kept the class alive

10/02/2005 17:13:53
M/R Man
Maybe we don't praise the young because they cannot spell or write coherant English.
Crews should always be praised though largely (not always) they do not pay the bills, in days gone by Adrian Legg was an honorable exception as a crew owner. As was Tony Fox, who pre-owned Pat Blakes first Merlin Rocket 684 Crew Cut.

10/02/2005 18:31:53
Soo annoying!
'Maybe we don't praise the young because they cannot spell or write coherant English'

1) Lame joke

2) Spelling has nothing to do with it. You dont need to spell to sail. I reckon it is because none of you grown ups can take the pain of youngsters beating find it an embarrassment.

10/02/2005 18:44:31
To continue the list:

Rodney Patterson
Chris Davies (his crew!)


10/02/2005 22:22:17
Exe buoy
And more...

Jon Turner (Int 14 World champ helm, Merlin national champ helm and crew!)
Phil Morrison
Spud Rowsell

11/02/2005 07:09:47
Laurie Smith has I believe just bought a merlin down in Lymington.

11/02/2005 08:50:04
Dont forget the crew!!
Richard Parslow

Fireball World Champ Crew

Scorpion Nat Champ helm

11/02/2005 08:51:15
Dont forget the crew!!
and of Course Matt Mee

- Doing rather well on the GP14s

11/02/2005 09:40:14
Welsh Harpist
I was up till dawn doing this! not a definitive list needs updating but its as a far as my address book goes.
National Merlin Rocket Class Honours List
Champions, Winners, Class Stallwarts and Characters.
This list is very far from complete, add, your additions, especially the young, and maybe we could have a party.

Jack Holt Dcd
Ken Mollart
Leslie Brain
Mike Astley
David Peachey
Beecher Moore Dcd
Bruce Banks Dcd
Robin Stevenson Dcd
Harry Harris Dcd
John Harris Racing Merlins at Thamesis
Robert Harris Gliding
Alan Vines Dcd
Sue Harris (Vines) Firefly at Thamesis
Andrew Harris
Sarah Warren (Harris)
John Stokes Boatswain at Ranelagh retired Archtect
Margaret Stokes
Colin Stokes Cartoonist/Architect Thamesis
Margaret Stokes
Ian Proctor Dcd
Peter Cook Essex, President of Yachting Journalists
Peter Cook
Keith Steel
Bob Dale
Harry Haines
Chris Haworth
Geoffrey Saffery-Cooper Dcd
Brian Saffery-Cooper Rtd Isle of Wight and West Indies Racing Daring and Cruising.
Robin Judah Bermuda, International Yachting Judge
Mike Pruett
John Oakley Retired, Hamble - Cruises
Bob Dummett
Tony Fox Dcd
John Faulkner
Brian Ellis Australia?
Peter Clayton
Ross Wilcock
John Ibbertson
Brian Appleton
Richard Stevens
Roger Pratt
Ken Ellis RYA
Laurie Smith
Bob Hoare Still sails at Parkestone
Simon Blake Son of Pat & Jilly
Adrian Legg Dcd
Brian Southcott ISAF Administrator, races occasionally
Robin Fowler IOW races XOD
David Oddie Hamble races XOD
A D Brook IOW
Rodney Pattison Races a Trimaran and guests elsewhere.
Keith Musto Semi rtd, very ill, but races Melges 24
Tim Hockin
Patrick King
Tom Nisbet
Peter Dove Insurance races big boats
Rex King Dcd
Spud Rowsell Still builds boats Races Salcombe Yawls
Phill Morrison Still designs
Johnathan Turner
Graham Pike
Mike Mcnamara Norfolk Racing Cruisers, Squibs and Wayfarers
Ian Brown Architect
Mike Jackson ISAF
Frank Warren Dcd
Alan Warren Racing Merlins on the circuit.
Martin Warren Dcd
William Warren Racing Merlins organising Championships
Barry Dunning Coaching and racing Etchells 22
Ned (David.) Sparrow
David Hunt
David Child Denmark & UK - Races Dragons and Knarr
Rebekah Child (Bray) Denmark - Training Horses
David Tucker
Phil King
Mike Calvert
Richrd Whitworth
Will Rainey
Jimmy Ledwith
Pat Dyas Dcd Raced Dragons nearly up to his death.
Mike Ledwith
Don Cooke
Clem Ramus Dcd
James Ramus Apple Farmer, Master of Bloodhounds
David Robinson Sail Making
Chris Davies Teaching
Nick Truman Races Broads One Design, occasional Dragon build boats
Richard Debenham Crews Dragons and builds and repairs boats
David Leech Races Broads One Design
Graham Leech
Chris Andrews Ill in home
Tony Ruffell Rtd Rustington
George Slack Dcd
Pat Blake Photographer still races Merlins on the Circuit
Marie Blake Dcd
Jilly Blake (Henderson) Crews on the circuit
Helen Turner Mother of 6
David Potter Retired cruising
Richard Winter
Doug Brixton
Eric Williams Races XOD and Dragon - shipping
Francis Williams
Peter Danby Yachting Photographer IOW
Dick Batt Sail Maker and retired Womble!
Richard Estaugh
Paul Seddon
David Hannant Races Squib
Derek Sheffer
Jeff Worsdale
Derek King Australia
Billy Allen
Paul Nevard Bembridge?
Berry Ritchie Races Merlin Rocket on Thames
Tony (AHJ) Davis
Arthur Barron Dcd Rules and Races
Tony Lane Rtd Truro Cruises
Peter Frampton Australia
Les Ward Dcd
Daphne Ward Dcd
Robert Lee-Warner Cruises Bristol Channel
W Graham-Donald Dcd
Will Hartje Phoenix Arizona USA crews 505
Guy Gurney Races a Star and photographs East Coast USA
Stuart Gurney Architect and B&B Owner races single hander
Dennis Ellis Rtd IOW
Jim Park Doyen of Wembley and former keeper of records
Frank Dwyer Rtd props up bar at various pubs in Whitstable
Richard Davies Races Whitstable
Harry Haines

11/02/2005 10:07:28
Stuart Blithell and Lucy Burn - both in the Olympic Saquad now AND both young Merlin Sailors

11/02/2005 14:38:49
Just to start a Northern list...
Paddy Atkinson,
Bob kyle
Ian Tinker
Stuart Nixon
Ian Dawson
Paul Dawson
Malcolm Molyneux
Derek Hanrahan
Roger "Wally" Pinder
Dave Griffiths
Maxie Dunn
AC Ball
Roger and Debbie Taylor
Pippa and Jenny Taylor
Andrew Ball
John Thorogood
Peter Roberts
Guy Winder
c'mon, there's loads more.......

11/02/2005 14:47:22
What a list you guys have a history second to none Nationally and I suspect that not many classes Globally could come up with that type of background except maybe the Star boat.

11/02/2005 14:57:31
Didnt see our sailmakes !!
Dick Batt
Mike MacNamara
even Phil Morrison

11/02/2005 16:00:23
Who are these people?

11/02/2005 16:27:04
Welsh Harpist
Oh come on! Almost every decent class has had these people pass through it, Finn, Fireball, Enterprise, Heron, Dragon. Hell cat etc., on and on, its people like the "Warren"'s, "Harris"'s and "Blake"'s who make a class.

11/02/2005 16:49:23
Hell cat.....??

11/02/2005 17:38:59
Welsh Harpist
History & drink!

12/02/2005 00:06:56
> not many classes could match that Internationally...
Speaking mainly antipodeanly how about
Bruce Farr
Russ Bowler
Julian Bethwaite
Iain Murray
Andrew Buckland
Steve Marten
Andy Paterson
[with good humoured friendly rivalry type grin and heart on sleeve:-)]

12/02/2005 07:16:35
Barry Watkin
Andy Paterson? He didn't seem to impressed when my Merlin was alongside his multiple championship winning Cherub. Generous consencious was that he couldn't get his head round all that old fashioned varnish or his reflection in it. He did like all the carbon bits though but then he supplied some of them. Or is there another AP ?

17/02/2005 16:30:29
Rhoda Gorrocks
Brett Dingwall, Fireball and Flying Fifteen
Did anyone say Ian Holt ?

17/02/2005 16:59:30
Some modern classics

Frank Rowsell
Andy Shorrocks
Jon Andrews (NZL)
Richard Harris
Phil Plumtree

Plus crews

17/02/2005 17:03:12
Old man of the sea
It would be good to think someone was compiling the honours list!

18/02/2005 08:13:19
the gurn
some of these lists include people that I havnt heard of - not to say they havn't doen something special in the world of yottin'

I note that I have even been given credit, but have done nothing more than win a couple of races at Salcome, and a 2nd in the round the island race. Of course we only need to look through the handbooks to see who has sailed im MR's

If we had a hall of fame page on the web it should only include the really important like Al Warren, Jack Holt, Ian Proctor, Lawrie Smith, Phil Morrison - not under achievers like me.

(what did Maxi Dunn ever do apart from turn up at Roy Dewsnaps place in Bolton and proceed to cook a mountain of full english at 6 AM - which would have been very nice had we not just gone to bed following a night out with Atkinson P and others - sorry Maxi if you have just won the Americas Cup or something!!)

dont forget we run a B & B here if you are yottin in the area check the link - special rates for M/Rocketeers! just add 50%
18/02/2005 09:20:36
Old man of the sea
It was characters as well as overachievers Ned for instance apart from being first at the Windward Mark on a blowy day at Whitsable in 1963 wasn't exactly Elvestrom was he? But like others Dennis Ellis and Jim Park Likewise not exacctly top racers, for instance they contributed so much to that amorphous animal The Merlin Rocket Class. There are other ways to fame.

18/02/2005 09:22:20
Having a laugh
Ok so which one of you 5 is sailor!

18/02/2005 10:37:14
Old man of the sea

18/02/2005 12:18:15
Cest Moi...

18/02/2005 13:51:17
Old man of the sea
holde kefte

25/08/2006 14:30:32
proud crew!
Just to say Tom's won the 12s (again!)  6 firsts and a second and a 3rd to discard.  Merlin champs obviously sharpen him up!  See you at the Endeavour William, Robbo, Stu and Matt!,v=display,m=1156083979,s=30
27/08/2006 01:31:35
AWESOMME!! We are good arnen`t we? Well Done Tom and the Endeavour is ours this year. Cheers AAALLLLEEEEZZZZ!!!!!

27/08/2006 09:48:44
Mike Macnamara Is ver very big in the albacore world, Im sure that not many of you care about that really!

27/08/2006 10:58:58
Ancient Geek
Some of us care about Mike a lot, one of the "Good Guys" he also recently won the Hornet Worlds and is the dominant factor competatively in the Wayfarer Class, a born teacher, master sailmaker and one of the best so AG at any rate cares!

27/08/2006 19:40:02
Jon S
Mike Mac won the Hornet europeans at Sandwich at the beginning of august with six first and a first place discard.

28/08/2006 08:13:53
Ancient Geek
I thought it was Worlds well to some Europe is the world! Anyway another McNamara Corinthian success.

30/08/2009 10:41:10
Well done boys.
31/08/2009 16:36:42
What about pete scott's achievments in the comet trio class? twice national champion no less made even harder by having novice crew phil king!!

02/09/2009 11:15:02
Robert Harris
Daphne Ward, one time ice dance champion, is definitely not deceased. She may be 100 but she's apparently still sprightly and I believe living in Suffolk. Daphne crewed me for a winter season in 'Grey Goose' no.1047 at Ranelagh around 1960/61. She must have been 50 then but the harder it blew the more she liked it.

Sadly Chris Andrews and Tony Davis have left us. And I'm afraid one or two others on Welsh Harpist's list

02/09/2009 19:10:36
What about the current champs Glen and Oli.

02/09/2009 23:44:13
What about Peter Flanagan ?

03/09/2009 19:26:25
what about Jim Hunt, probably the best all round sailor!

04/09/2009 11:35:01
Who is Peter Flanagan?

07/09/2009 07:44:47
Robert Harris
Peter Flanagan was the Association Chairman in 1969/70. I think he won a championship race in the 50s and continued to sail his Rowsell/Omega NSM 1 at Cookham into his 70s. At the Association's 60th birthday party in 2006 Peter was awarded an Honorary Life Membership of the Association in recognition of his many years of service to the class.

07/09/2009 08:40:52
Roger Gilbert
08/09/2009 20:34:29
Still leading!
09/09/2009 07:05:42
Solo Inland Champs
1st and 3rd....

09/09/2009 09:49:49
Terry Curtis has won the OK Nationals again

09/09/2009 23:16:00
Now Roger Gilbert has won the POW Cup too, - nothing left to live for?
10/09/2009 10:17:54
4 RG
Americas Cup next?

10/09/2009 14:15:32
Dave Dobrijevic seems to do quite well without a rudder...
10/09/2009 15:32:45
Re RG I'd guess a 49er.

10/09/2009 17:24:11
He's been there are done that

10/09/2009 19:19:18
And again and again.
21/09/2009 15:47:05
Stu came 2nd in the 470s at Weymouth last week.
22/09/2009 19:13:13
Sophie Mackley - current N12 Nationals and Burton winning crew

23/09/2009 08:14:48
Robert Harris
Robin Judah, top MR sailor in the 50s and 60s sailed for Great Britain in his Dragon at the Acapulco Olympics in 1968. I crewed for Robin in a Firefly when we won the RAF championship at the Welsh Harp in 1955.

25/04/2012 02:02:53
Sally Garrett
Tom Brown - raced an MR with Peggy Brown at BCYC and many meetings.  Moved to Portugal 27 years ago and still sailing a Laser... April 2012

24/09/2012 17:50:11
Andy Harris destroyed the 'very experienced' fleet of N18 sailors to win the N18 inland world championships. Bravo!


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