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Boat | 3760 | £13,000
Added: 23 September 2018
Enlarge photo of Boat 3760
Canterbury Tales
Winder Canterbury Tales with lightweight carbon foredeck, side decks, rear deck and bow tank, built late 2013. Clean well maintained boat in very good condition. Dry stored last tw...
Boat | 3751 | £11250
Added: 23 September 2020
Canterbury Tales
Winder 5 built April 2013. Carbon decks, carbon bow tank, Selden carbon spars, launching poles to latest spec, new spec deeper Winder lifting rudder, new lazy guys & tapered kite sheets, new adjustable toe straps, many new ropes/sheets. Creation foil bag, Creation top cover & under cover, Combi trai...
Boat | 3747 | £11500
Added: 11 November 2019
Enlarge photo of Boat 3747
Cantebury Tales
Merlin Rocket 3747.
Very lightly used Merlin Rocket in fantastic condition having been sailed probably 30 times in her life and well looked after.

Boat professionally converted...
Boat | 3720 | £11750
Added: 27 June 2020
Enlarge photo of Boat 3720
Genii Evolution
Stunning Jon Turner Genii for sale

Professionally refitted and resprayed this year
Completely new Harken fit out in 2020
All new ropes in 2020
Re sprayed hull, deck and insid...
Boat | 3708 | £7750
Added: 03 March 2020
Enlarge photo of Boat 3708
Hazardous 09
The one and only (at present) Callaghan design Hazardous-09 Wicked 3708 in the UK.
Beautiful Laurie Smart built wooden hull and decks, painted hull, varnished decks, painted inter...
Boat | 3684 | £10000.00
Added: 10 March 2020
Canterbury Tales Mk 4 Flat Run
Championship winning Merlin 3684
Selden Skinny Mast & Mast Bag
Selden Boom & Poles
Twin Pole launching System
Pump Action Kite
Large Spinnaker Chute fitted With Jib Tacked On Bow
Winder Lifting Rudder
JT Centreboard
Trailing Covers
WeatherMaxx Mast up Cover
Combi Trailer
HD Main Jib and S...
Boat | 3667 | £8200
Added: 25 August 2020
Enlarge photo of Boat 3667
Canterbury Tales Mark 4
Winder Canterbury Tales built 2005, one owner, well looked after. Easy to maintain foam sandwich hull, carbon mast, boom and twin spinnaker poles, lifting rudder.  Full of Pinnell ...
Boat | 3656 | £7995
Added: 28 February 2020
Enlarge photo of Boat 3656
Winder Canterbury Tales Mk4
3656 Winder Canterbury Tales Mk4 “Wild Card”
A very well known boat on the National circuit and multi owner proven track record. Winner of 2 nationals, the Inlands and...
Boat | 3639 | £7500
Added: 20 January 2020
Enlarge photo of Boat 3639
Winder Mk V
Reluctantly for sale
Winder Mk IV in good condition for age.
Chipstow mast, SS Boom, P&B poles
1x Norths in Club/Open condition 
1x Goacher Club condition + extra jib
1x HD''s...
Boat | 3633 | £7500.00
Added: 07 September 2019
Enlarge photo of Boat 3633
Canterbury Tales Winder Mk IV
Winder Mk IV excellent condition dry sailed for 3 years complete with unused suit of HD sails, only removed from bags for measurement prior to delivery . Chipstow mast, Superspars ...
Boat | 3609 | £6000.00
Added: 04 February 2019
Enlarge photo of Boat 3609
Canterbury Tales Winder mkIi
**Updated 03-07-2020
Winder Mk II Canterbury Tales comes complete with
- Chipstow mast, boom and twin poles, 
-Winder lifting rudder (with padded bag)
- couple of tiller extens...
Boat | 3581 | £4950
Added: 02 September 2018
Enlarge photo of Boat 3581
Canterbury Tales Mk2
One-string mast raking. Dual side-string centre board raking. Super Spars carbon rig, fixed carbon rudder. HD sails and spinnaker. Buoyancy bag covers, non-slip deck paint. Winder ...
Boat | 3577 | £4200
Added: 28 May 2018
Enlarge photo of Boat 3577
Mk1 Canterbury Tales
Very recognisable boat, good looking and sails like a dream.

 Very reluctant Sale which includes:

Chipstow Boom and Spinny Poles
Winder Li...
Boat | 3570 | £2250
Added: 08 September 2020
Enlarge photo of Boat 3570
Make it so
My Make it So , designed and built by Laurie Smart is a bargain at this price.I must sell due to poor health..Second Thought has been in a friends barn for the last 3 years. Just p...
Boat | 3560 | £6000
Added: 29 July 2020
Enlarge photo of Boat 3560
Passing Cloud 2000
Passing Cloud 2000 - Narrow Merlin 3560 Luka - 22''6'''' Aluminium Superspar Mast (as new only used six times) Carbon Boom DS Sails Sovereign Combi U/O Covers Winder Fixed Carbon R...
Boat | 3555 | £3850
Added: 04 September 2020
Winder Mk 1
Link to photos -!Aq18GSFWZaUwgb8zuCkcAgQzkDzmcA?e=8qK54d
Lightly used since 2015 but competitive at Salcombe and National Championships, matching the performance of Mk 5 Winders sailed by peer group helms. With an enthusiastic and lighter NSSA team onboard, at their first Merlin...
Boat | 3545 | £2900
Added: 17 November 2019
Enlarge photo of Boat 3545
FRP NSM II. Good condition. One of a batch of six prepared by Geoff O''Neill of Wembley in 1997.
Full carbon rig
P&B main and jib
Hyde Main and jib
Three spinnakers (one still ...
Boat | 3533 | £1500
Added: 06 October 2016
Enlarge photo of Boat 3533
**Still For Sale August 19**
Reluctant sale - Emigrating. 
Morrison NSM 2 Sail No. 3533 GRP Sandwich, red hull with wooden decks. Built Nov 1996, condition is good for age, a few...
Boat | 3522 | £2875
Added: 27 February 2016
Enlarge photo of Boat 3522
NSM2 FRP hull & deck
**Still available 02-07-2020**

Merlin 3522
2 rudders
Boat | 3450 | £1750
Added: 09 July 2020
Enlarge photo of Boat 3450
Ian Holt Niane
Your chance to own one of the most sorted and competitive woodies around.

1992 Ian Holt Niane Design, heavily based on his Canterbury Tales design.

Wood hull, fully stripped,...
Boat | 3445 | £1100
Added: 19 August 2020
Wooden construction, aluminium rig, fixed rudder, various sails, Creation Covers top cover and undercover. Combi trailer.  Dry stored last 2 years, superficial damage to varnished foredeck.              ...
Boat | 3346 | £1600
Added: 06 September 2020
N.S.M 11
Merlin Rocket 3346, Galactic Gnu. Sandwich build (wooden decks and fibreglass hull). Build 1984 by G.Edwards & R.E.Hoare, so it is a late classic boat, hence had the classic merlin rocket handicap. Design: NSM II, Designer: P.Morrison. First measured in 1984 by I.S.Copsey and last measurement in 200...
Boat | 3307 | £1000
Added: 17 October 2019
Enlarge photo of Boat 3307
**Updated 03-07-2020**
Good condition boat.  Deck stepped proctor carbon rig.  Alverbank main and jib.  P&B spinnaker.  Stored in the dry for last few years.  Has launch/road trol...
Boat | 3259 | £1650
Added: 14 September 2020
Enlarge photo of Boat 3259
Quatermass by Phil Morrison
Andromeda was built in 1981 by Spud Rowsell for John Harris (it’s featured on page 146 of Real Magic). Having been in the present ownership since 1994 it’s in good condition an...
Boat | 3179 | £1200
Added: 22 July 2020
Enlarge photo of Boat 3179
NSM Phil Morrison
Dating from July 1979, in good condition, newly re-painted in red and re-varnished. All equipment required to sail included 1 x mainsail, 1 x jib as new, 2 x spinnakers 1 fair 1 go...
Boat | 3163 | £500
Added: 04 October 2018
Rowsell built NSM1. Professionally re-decked 4 years ago and repainted. Proctor rig with 2 suits of sails. 2 spinnakers. 2 rudders. Combi trailer with new suspension and tyres. Breathable top cover. Ready to sail. Stored dry for last 3 years. ...
Boat | 3103 | £250
Added: 22 July 2019
Enlarge photo of Boat 3103
Smokers Satisfaction
Price reduced from £450 for quick sale 

Sail number 3103.

Aluminium rig, main sail, jib and spinnaker. Fit out includes lifting rudder, toe straps, control lines, blocks, bu...
Boat | 3073 | £900
Added: 13 May 2019
Smokers Satisfaction
Lovely Merlin sailed mainly on the Thames at RSC in Putney London. Excellent boat with decent main, nice gib and spinnaker with carbon pole. Trailer included. Very minor maintenance. 
Comes also with a cover...
Boat | 2667 | £0
Added: 15 April 2019
Ghost Rider
This is my late fathers boat, unfortunately he never sailed it and whilst it has been in storage it is suffered a little bit of damage to the front. Dad was in the process of starting to renovate it. It still needs quite a bit of work to it but I cannot see any rot only the damage. I t would definit...
Boat | 1855 | £1000 ono
Added: 20 September 2016
** Updated 02-07-2020**
Back on sale.
Built 1965
Excellent condition. Revarnished in 2019. Needs to be seen.
2 sets sails, spinnaker, repainted trailer, breathable cover and launching trolley.
Classic and ideal starter dinghy for aspiring young sailors.
Foils | 3804 | £650
Added: 21 October 2019
JT Rudder stock and transom bracket all in great condition . Re finisher in august 2019...
Foils | 3760 | £95
Added: 21 February 2019
Enlarge photo of Foils 3760
Fixed rudder, last used on NSM4. Some slight damage as shown in photographs...
Foils | 3709 | £250
Added: 02 April 2018
Winder carbon fixed rudder. In good condition....
Foils | 3565 | £300
Added: 11 November 2017
Fixed rudder
Winder fixed rudder. Good condition. Bag. Carbon tiller. Normal spec from winder....
Foils | £225
Added: 27 May 2020
Enlarge photo of Foils
Winder fixed rudder. Quite old but good condition with alloy tiller and extension....
Miscellaneous | 3777 | £99.00
Added: 16 September 2020
Enlarge photo of Miscellaneous 3777
Latest with all mods
PVC Trailing top cover only - great condition, no longer required, heavy duty keep the dirt and rain out. 
Collection from Wallingford....
Miscellaneous | 3736 | £75
Added: 04 June 2019
Merlin undercover for sale.  Slightly faded but in good condition, no rips or tears, all tie downs in working order.  Photos available on request.  Great alternative to buying brand new...
Sails | 3776 | £Variable
Added: 01 July 2020
3.12 jib, small main
HD small main for Genii rig, used ½ season							£350 ono
HD small main for Genii rig, used couple of events						£250 ono
HD big jib for Genii, used Nationals only							£100 ono
HD big jib for Genii, used few events only							£90 ono
HD big jib for Genii, seasons 							£40 ...
Sails | 3763 | £319
Added: 23 September 2019
Kite - K5
New North Sails kite, design K5 in red. Will deliver via TNT or at Blithfield if attendeing the ST. 25% discount on new price...
Sails | 3758 | £240
Added: 14 January 2020
Suit of HD Sails. Best Described as good club condition. Spinnaker and Jib £60 each. Main £120. Measured in Summer 2016...
Sails | 3757 | £400
Added: 16 July 2018
North Sails
Measured 2015, but hardly used,   Excellent condition.
Main is M6 design
Jib is MJR-2...
Sails | 3741 | £50
Added: 05 November 2019
Enlarge photo of Sails 3741
P&B Jib. Good condition....
Sails | 3736 | £450
Added: 29 April 2019
Nearly new of P&B sails.  Lightly used on the circuit and 1 Nationals, great condition, plenty of left in them.  White Kite.  No rips or repairs.  Let me know if you would like photos.  Lying in Newbury, Berkshire...
Sails | 3735 | £290
Added: 09 February 2020
Enlarge photo of Sails 3735
Hyde Jib
Used twice in light winds
Almost brand new 

Can bring to a Merlin event...
Sails | 3722
Added: 29 September 2019
Various sails
2019 P&B Spinnaker (Red/Grey) excellent championship condition £300 
2019 P&B mainsail, radial cut laminate, excellent condition £500
2019 P&B jib square top, excellent condition £200
P&B spinnaker (fluorescent yellow) very good condition £200
P&B mainsail, radial cut laminate, very good con...
Sails | 3659 | £125
Added: 19 September 2019
Exe Sails Merlin Spinnaker new Sept 18 
White with blue stripe
Sails | 3587
Added: 05 July 2019
Enlarge photo of Sails 3587
Sail Clear Out, (sails available to collect / view at Salcombe 'till the end of MR Week) 
Happy to consider offers.

P&B Main and Jib, 2007 some repairs to the main (see photo),...
Spars | 3757 | £1250.00
Added: 16 July 2018
Super Spars
Super Spars high Modulus Mast 2015.  Light in 2015 & 2016 before being replaced with skinny mast and since not used, Older Super Spars round carbon boom, and twin carbon poles.  Selling as a package, perfect for someone looking for a low cost upgrade.  Poles have had repairs on them in the past and ...
Spars | 3743 | £250
Added: 19 August 2020
1 pair carbon fibre Merlin spinnaker poles...
Spars | 3736 | £1234
Added: 13 August 2020
Chipstow carbon fibre deck stepped mast
Used but in good racing condition. Rollers for the spinnaker poles, adjustable spreaders. Make me an offer on price, I''d rather see it being used than not...
Spars | £1000
Added: 27 September 2018
Chipstow mast - Jacko''s craftsmanship at its finest. Standard spec. Your chance to have one of these collector''s items....
Spars | £1800
Added: 03 April 2019
Chipstow mast with adjustable spreaders and full rigging kit. All new in 2012 and never used. Garage stored since receipt. 
A light well proven spar and regularly in the chocolates....
Spars | 0 | £250
Added: 13 June 2020
Brand New pair of carbon poles.

Set up with launcher ends but can easily be changed over.

Collection from Lymington or I can arrange shipping