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Boat | 3723 | £11000
Added: 25 July 2018
Enlarge photo of Boat 3723
Winder Mk4
Excellent condition, winder mark IV 3723 - 50 Shades.  vgc HD sails and North Sails Spinnaker.  Pole Launch system, recently restrung, new slot gasket, Selden Mast, fantastic spec ...
Boat | 3698 | £8500
Added: 10 July 2018
Enlarge photo of Boat 3698
Canterbury Tails Mkiv
Winder Merlin Rocket - Canterbury Tails Mk iv design built 2008.
State of the art, single string control system. Well maintained and in excellent condition. 20kgs of corrector wei...
Boat | 3653 | £8500
Added: 25 June 2018
Enlarge photo of Boat 3653
Tales 4
Built in 2004
Measurement and buoyancy certificates dated 2013
17.5kg correctors
Pink / white FRP hull with carbon decks and inners
Hull, deck, inners and foils refurbished in ...
Boat | 3638 | £3995
Added: 22 March 2016
Enlarge photo of Boat 3638
Canterbury Tales
Now priced to sell - a bargain!

Canterbury Tales Design (same as the Winder Mk1)

Very Pretty Kevin Driver wooden decked light & stiff Epoxy Foam Sandwich Ovington Hull. I bou...
Boat | 3613 | £3675 ono
Added: 04 June 2018
Enlarge photo of Boat 3613
Easy Roller
Easy Roller 2002
Silver FRP hull with carbon decks and internals
13kg correctors
Hull and deck faired and resprayed 2012 with tacking steps added for helm
CPC lifting rudder wi...
Boat | 3612 | £4500
Added: 21 November 2016
Enlarge photo of Boat 3612
EZ Roller
Carbon rig twin poles

Combi trailer with spare road wheel

Top and under covers

Main two jibs and spinnakers

Fixed and lifting rudders
Boat | 3607 | £5500
Added: 19 February 2018
Enlarge photo of Boat 3607
Canterbury Tales
Winder MK1.Lightly used. Excellent condition.Dropped bow by Winder.Updated hoop by Winder.
Full refit (inc one string raking rig) by Sam Pascoe (Monkey Marine) 2015.Twin poles wit...
Boat | 3577 | £4100
Added: 28 May 2018
Enlarge photo of Boat 3577
Mk1 Canterbury Tales
Very recognisable boat, good looking and sails like a dream.

 Very reluctant Sale which includes:

Chipstow Boom and Spinny Poles
Winder Li...
Boat | 3550 | £2750
Added: 29 January 2018
Enlarge photo of Boat 3550
Canterbury Tales (according to certificate!)
All wood, painted inside and out, with varnished deck. All in good condition. Varnish topped up Jan 2018. 
Carbon mast, boom and twin poles. Mast and boom Durepox painted 2017.
Boat | 3533 | £1500
Added: 06 October 2016
Enlarge photo of Boat 3533
Reluctant sale - Emigrating. 
Morrison NSM 2 Sail No. 3533 GRP Sandwich, red hull with wooden decks. Built Nov 1996, condition is good for age, a few gel coat chips here and there...
Boat | 3522 | £2875
Added: 27 February 2016
Enlarge photo of Boat 3522
NSM2 FRP hull & deck
**Still available 6-1-17**

Merlin 3522
2 rudders
Boat | 3482 | £1500
Added: 24 June 2018
Enlarge photo of Boat 3482
Canterbury Tales
Lovely wooden Canterbury Tales design.
Always kept undercover and very lightly sailed.
Carbon mast & boom, twin aluminium poles and two string rig adjustment.
Two sets of sails ...
Boat | 3471 | £2,600 ONO
Added: 30 May 2018
Canterbury Tales
Beautiful competitive Merlin Rocket. Original Jon Turner composite Canterbury Tales:
•         Super Spars carom rig
•         North Sails overboom breathable cover, and P&B flat canvas cover
•         Lifting carbon rudder, with Exe Sails padded rudder bag
•         Fixe...
Boat | 3405 | £995.00
Added: 19 February 2018
Merlin Rocket Rowsel built NSM4 3405
Total strip down 2016 repainted and revarnished in durepox 2016 photos available on request
Internal buoyancy tanks
Ally rig twin carbon poles.
Selection of sails in various condition
Combi trailer spare wheel trailer board
Tatty but servisable top cover.
Boat | 3383 | £750
Added: 15 July 2018
Enlarge photo of Boat 3383
Winder built wood NSM4. Unused and in storage for several years. Needs a new loving home and sailor. Covers. Combi trailer and launching trolley. Two suits of sails one with very l...
Boat | 3372 | £1500
Added: 09 May 2018
Diamond Smiles
Built by Guy Winder for the Designer Ian Holt. All new sheeting, and bags.Canvas cover,S/S carbon mast. Fixed rudder, good P&B sails, combi trailer, under cover....
Boat | 2805 | £1650
Added: 26 June 2018
Enlarge photo of Boat 2805
Phantom Kipper
A vintage wooden Phantom Kipper design. 
She sails well on both river ans sea but is being sold due to lack of use.
The hull, fittings and lines are in excellent condition. 
Boat | 1855 | £995
Added: 20 September 2016
Built 1965
Excellent condition. Revarnished 2014.
2 sets sails, spinnaker, repainted trailer, breathable cover and launching trolley.
My wife Annie refuses to sail dinghies anymore!!
Can deliver to UK...
Boat | 1849 | £500
Added: 25 September 2017
Enlarge photo of Boat 1849
Fast boat in good condition, reasonable sails, new Banks cover and trolley....
Boat | 1693 | £100.00
Added: 06 July 2016
Magic Dragon
**Still available 6-1-17**
Built by Robert Hoare in Christchurch in 1963. Won the Founders Cu[p at the 1964 national champtionships.  She has been in storage for a number of years, small basic repair to one plank on the hull.  Hull, centre plate and rudder only. Reasonable condition....
Foils | 3709 | £250
Added: 02 April 2018
Winder carbon fixed rudder. In good condition....
Foils | 3565 | £300
Added: 11 November 2017
Fixed rudder
Winder fixed rudder. Good condition. Bag. Carbon tiller. Normal spec from winder....
Foils | £600
Added: 12 June 2017
Brand new unused trim tab Centreboard. Will fit Winder etc...
Foils | £225
Added: 13 June 2017
Winder carbon fixed rudder, repaired tip - good overall condition....
Sails | 3776
Added: 26 July 2016
HD small main for Genii rig, used few events only					£300 ono
HD spinnaker, used Nationals only								£300 ono
HD spinnaker, 1 seasons use, repaired tears						£50 ono
HD jib, used few events only									£90 ono
HD big jib for Genii, used Nationals only							£100 ono
HD big j...
Sails | 3775
Added: 15 November 2017
2  x HD jibs for sale: 

Season of use. Good training sail: £50

2016 jib. Used less than 10 times: £100.

Can sell both together or will split.

Sails | 3770 | £450.00
Added: 06 July 2017
Enlarge photo of Sails 3770
P+B Sails Main (£300.00) Excellent Condition, Jib (£100.00) plenty of life, kite a bit tired (£50.00) Measured Summer 2015. Light use due to knee operations...
Sails | 3763 | £1,500
Added: 10 August 2018

Afternoon Folks, as we’re no longer attending the Merlin Nationals due to my illness, we have a sizable stock of new current North Merlin sails (North Agent) in stock and looking to streamline them. This is a great opportunity for a team(s) to grab a bargain if looking ...
Sails | 3763 | £400
Added: 25 October 2017
Main and Jib 

Current shape North Sails for sale

Jib used half season with good shape and would be happy to use on the circuit still. We were running two and still running the other one. Available £80 (in offer £395)

Main is a North 3DL which was used up to the end of the WYC Merlin Nats,...
Sails | 3761 | £500
Added: 06 December 2016
Enlarge photo of Sails 3761
Just P&B Main and Jib left now

Radial cut main (same design as won the 2016 Nationals) and jib measured in Aug 2014. Used at one championship and a couple of opens only in 2014/...
Sails | 3759 | £800
Added: 09 December 2017
Enlarge photo of Sails 3759
North Merlin sails. Panel main with standard jib and red kite 
one. Used for nationals only where they came 5th. £800
two. Used for 2 years of silver tiller opens. Won 4 opens w...
Sails | 3757 | £400
Added: 16 July 2018
North Sails
Measured 2015, but hardly used,   Excellent condition.
Main is M6 design
Jib is MJR-2...
Sails | 3742 | £600
Added: 12 October 2017
Full suit of speed sails, used only for salcombe week 2017, £600
2013 main, 2 jibs and 2 kites also available, champs winning sails, make me an offer!...
Sails | 3736 | £Â£150
Added: 15 February 2017
Enlarge photo of Sails 3736
Full set of P&B sails for sale.   
Have seen fair usage but would be a ideal for club sailing: plenty of life left in them! 
Photos available on request.  ...
Sails | 3722 | £650
Added: 04 April 2018
Full suit of P&B sails. Just 1 season's light use so in really great condition. Radial cut mainsail. ...
Sails | 3705 | £180
Added: 31 July 2018
Large Window Main, Fat Head Jib
HD Main and Jib 2013 (Large Window Main) Approx. 1 Season in good condition £180.

HD Fat Head Jib 2015. Good Condition £60.

P&B Kite (White) 2010. Good Condition, No repairs £50...
Sails | 3675 | £325
Added: 03 January 2017
Full set of HD sails - Main Jib and Spinnaker (grey), dated August 2012. Good condition, looks like about one seasons worth of use. Suitable for a Chipstow Mast. Contact Dave Croft 07963475988...
Sails | 3673 | £600
Added: 21 April 2017
Enlarge photo of Sails 3673
North Sails
**Still available - 5-1-18**

One suit of Merlin Rocket Sails for Sale: 
Brand New at Salcombe Last Summer
Good Condition
£ 600 ONO...
Sails | 847 | £300
Added: 10 August 2016
North radial M6 sail for tall rig (luff 6.180m and foot 2.234m). One year old with only a few outings on Thames at Tamesis....
Spars | 3757 | £1250.00
Added: 16 July 2018
Super Spars
Super Spars high Modulus Mast 2015.  Light in 2015 & 2016 before being replaced with skinny mast and since not used, Older Super Spars round carbon boom, and twin carbon poles.  Selling as a package, perfect for someone looking for a low cost upgrade.  Poles have had repairs on them in the past and ...
Spars | 3742 | ££1200
Added: 12 October 2017
Tony Hall Mast, fully rigged, as used to win two nationals £1200...
Spars | £400
Added: 21 May 2018
Super Spar Alloy Mast, Deck Step 21ft 6 suit vintage boat. 
Fully rigged
Good condition
Also included Dynamic Dacron Main & Jib, the main is still has plenty of life, jib is ok, still fast and capable of winning races with.. 
Added: 18 January 2016
**Still Available 8-5-17**
Chipstow mast with adjustable spreaders and rigging kit as supplied. All new in April 2012, never used and garage stored since receipt.   
List price ono
[email protected]
Spars | ££20
Added: 15 June 2017
Enlarge photo of Spars
Vintage Merlin Wooden Spinnaker Pole