Handicaps for Club Racing

The Portsmouth Number (PY) for Merlin Rockets is 980, set by the RYA in March 2019

Although Merlin Rocket designs have developed considerably over the years, the Portsmouth Yardstick System publishes a Portsmouth Number to apply to all Merlin Rockets, which is unfair on older boats.

To address this problem for boats sailing in club handicap fleets, the MROA has produced a table which can be used to alter the current PY appropriately.

Although these 5-year bands reflect the periods of design development, it is recognised that some older designs appeared 'after their time' and it is a matter for individual clubs to decide whether they reflect this in the Numbers allotted to individual boats. If your club handicapper has any queries, please refer him to Graham Williamson, the MROA Measurement Scheme Co-ordinator who sits on the RYA Handicap Advisory Panel.

The basic format is therefore:
Year (inclusive)Sail NumbersHandicap Number recommended
1999 onwards3554 onwardsCurrent Portsmouth Number
1989-19993430-3553Current Portsmouth Number +10
1984-19883331-3429Current Portsmouth Number +20
1979-19833157-3330Current Portsmouth Number +30
1974-19782833-3156Current Portsmouth Number +40
1969-19732165-2832Current Portsmouth Number +50
1964-19681616-2164Current Portsmouth Number +60
1959-1963895-1615Current Portsmouth Number +70
1954-1958500-894Current Portsmouth Number +80
Before 1954Below 500Current Portsmouth Number +90

Note this table is for mixed-class handicap racing. Vintage racing (fleet racing, that is) should use the vintage handicap adjustments instead.