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Salcombe Y.C.
15/04/2023 - 16/04/2023
Silver Tiller:
Multi-Day Silver Tiller:

The Merlin Rocket fleet were welcomed on Saturday 15th April morning to yet another perfectly sunny day in Salcombe for the South West Series spring open – they only seem to serve one type of weather in this perfect corner of Devon.

Equally as characteristic, there was very little wind! That is never an obstacle for the race team at Salcombe Yacht Club though, so the fleet set off for the first race of the day in a light northerly breeze. The husband and wife team of Mary Henderson and Rupert White were first out the blocks, and led the fleet into a very light wind sniggle through the bag. Christian Birrell and Sam Brearey managed to sneak through into the lead halfway up the Kingsbridge Estuary and opened up a very comfortable lead on the fleet. But things are never over until they are over in Salcombe, and what little wind the fleet were enjoying all but shut off, before filling in from behind to re-compress the fleet after an hour of racing. Christian & Sam’s lead was quickly eaten up by the chasing pack, and Taxi Davis and Ollie Meadowcroft briefly took the lead. A couple more 90 degree shifts later and Christian & Sam regained control, and were delighted to see the shorten course flag. Taxi and Ollie followed in second, with Caroline Croft and Faye Chatterton sneaking through into third just before the finish.

The first rule of racing around Salcombe is to always be ready for a major change. True to form, the second race started with the wind now flowing from the south, with the first leg now a beat towards Sunny Cove. Tim Fells and Fran Gifford used their superior local knowledge to lead around the first mark and extend away to an easy victory. The fleet remained very tight all the way down Southpool Creek, but it was another local team in Will & Rob Henderson that picked up a big left shift coming out the creek to sperate themselves from the pack. These two enjoyed a quiet race to the finish, followed in by Salcombe newbie’s Ed Chapman and Hannah Peters.

Day two started uncharacteristically overcast, but characteristically light again. Of course, the sun arrived by start time and it was a day for the two boats being driven by the future Mr and Mrs Gould, who spent the day battling it out for the top spot. In race three, Caroline and Faye rounded in one, with Chris Gould & Sophie Mackley closely behind in two. Chasing them into the bag was a very tight battle between Christian and Sam, Taxi and Ollie, Alex Warren Jonty Freeman, Tim and Fran and Simon Potts and Charlotte Fildes – with continual place changes as the pack exchanged gybes to try and stay in the pressure. Christian & Sam managed to get to the front of the pack by the leeward mark and set about chasing down the real race. Coming back out the bag, Chris & Sophie picked to avoid the tide on the right shore, while Caroline took the left. Chris had got it right, and held the lead to the finish, with Caroline & Faye in two and Christian & Sam in three.

That result set the stage for a final race showdown between three boats. Christian & Sam had sailed a consistent series, but Caroline & Faye and Chris & Sophie had big discards to bring drop from their scorecard. Whoever won the last race out of the three boats would win the regatta. First out was Christian & Sam, who suffered a boat breakage just after the start. By the first mark, it was clear it was going to be one of the Gould/Croft family that would be taking the trophy home. Rivalry is clearly strong in this household, as the two continually traded places throughout the race for the regatta win. Chris seemed to have one hand on the trophy, but rumours are he got a bit concerned about the reception he might get on the long car journey home if Caroline hadn’t won, so he kindly hunted out a few bad shifts until Caroline had got round him. Caroline & Faye crossed the finish line first to take the regatta, and Chris remains happily engaged to Caroline.

A big thank you to Salcombe Yacht Club for putting on another brilliant weekend. Always a highlight in the Merlin Rocket calendar, and a pleasure we get to enjoy twice more this year with Merlin Rocket Week on the 9-15th July and the Silver Tiller (and Black-Tie Dinner) on the 28th October. The next event in the South West Series is Hooe Point Sailing Club on 10th and 11th June.

Thank you Christian Birrell for the report.

Salcombe Gin Merlin Open 2023

Salcombe Yacht Club


Salcombe Gin Merlin Open 2023


Sailed: 4, Discards: 1, To count: 3, Rating system: PY, Entries: 28, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Fleet (from ticket) Boat Sail number Made for Crew Name PY R1 R2 R3 R4 Total Nett
1st     38 Caroline Croft  Faye Chatterton   3.0 (8.0) 2.0 1.0 14.0 6.0
2nd     3803 Chris Gould Sophie Mackley   4.0 (11.0) 1.0 2.0 18.0 7.0
3rd   Blue my Mind 3788 Christian Birrell Sam Brearey   1.0 4.0 3.0 (29.0 DNC) 37.0 8.0
4th   Pokey 3801 Andy Davis Ollie Meadowcroft   2.0 5.0 4.0 (9.0) 20.0 11.0
5th   Fancy Licquor 3764 Tim Fells Frances Gifford   (8.0) 1.0 7.0 4.0 20.0 12.0
6th     3726 Will Henderson Rob Henderson   (24.0) 2.0 9.0 5.0 40.0 16.0
7th   Tiger Tiger 3696 Alex Warren Jonty Freeman   5.0 (13.0) 5.0 8.0 31.0 18.0
8th     3802 Simon Potts Charlotte Fildes   12.0 (29.0 RET) 6.0 3.0 50.0 21.0
9th     3812 Tom Stewart Rob Allen   7.0 (15.0) 8.0 7.0 37.0 22.0
10th     3687 Matthew Greenfield     6.0 6.0 12.0 (24.0 F/way) 48.0 24.0
11th     3683 Arthur Henderson Olivia Bell   (11.0) 10.0 10.0 6.0 37.0 26.0
12th     3775 Chris Jennings     9.0 7.0 (20.0) 14.0 50.0 30.0
13th     3799 Paul Rayson Christian Hill   13.0 9.0 (16.0) 12.0 50.0 34.0
14th   Roberta 3796 William Warren Megan Pascoe   (18.0) 14.0 13.0 11.0 56.0 38.0
15th   Point N Squirt 3746 James Wells Anna Aylward   (15.0) 12.0 15.0 13.0 55.0 40.0
16th   Ecstacy 3809 Jon Turner Richard Parslow   10.0 20.0 11.0 (29.0 DNC) 70.0 41.0
17th     3666 John Meadowcroft Katy Meadowcroft   (19.0) 18.0 14.0 10.0 61.0 42.0
18th     3782 Ed Chapman  Hannah Peters   16.0 3.0 28.0 DNF (29.0 DNC) 76.0 47.0
19th   Rockatross 3804 Rupert White Mary Henderson   14.0 17.0 (19.0) 18.0 68.0 49.0
20th   Puff the Magic Dragon 3641 Mark Waterhouse Isobel Stewart   (25.0) 16.0 18.0 16.0 75.0 50.0
21st     3770 Jon Steward     (27.0) 19.0 21.0 15.0 82.0 55.0
22nd   Learner Driver 3747 Clive Eplett Rebecca Videlo   (22.0) 22.0 17.0 17.0 78.0 56.0
23rd     3607 Steve Conroy Anna Rayson   20.0 21.0 (23.0) 22.0 86.0 63.0
24th   Moondance Assasin 3547 Peter Male Tim Male   21.0 23.0 (24.0) 20.0 88.0 64.0
25th   Bronte 3663 Nick Yannakoyorgos     (26.0) 25.0 22.0 21.0 94.0 68.0
26th   Island Girl 3725 Andrew Squire Tristram Squire   (28.0) 24.0 26.0 19.0 97.0 69.0
27th   Monkey Business 3707 Stuart Jenkins Nicola Scaddan   23.0 26.0 25.0 (29.0 DNC) 103.0 74.0
28th     3769 Graham Cranford-Smith Fiona Cranford Smith   17.0 (29.0 DNF) 29.0 DNC 29.0 DNC 104.0 75.0


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