Results / Salcombe Merlin Rocket Week (Day 1)

Salcombe Y.C.
03/07/2022 - 08/07/2022
Silver Tiller:
Two Day Silver Tiller:

Over Friday and Saturday, 120 excited Merlin Rocket teams arrived in Salcombe, moved their boats across the harbour to Mill Bay, enjoyed a generous quantity of Salcombe Gin and Tonic courtesy of our sponsors and caught up with old friends on the sunny SYC terrace.

Sunday saw the first two races of this much anticipated week. Many a weather eye had been viewing the forecast NW wind with concern. This is the worse wind direction at Salcombe as it comes straight over the hill on the town side. There is typically wind down harbour around Mark 1 and good breeze up the harbour but a bomb site of huge holes and wind from every direction, including vertical, on the start line.

RACE 1: RED v GREEN Flights, COURSE 1,4,7,1

Race officer David Greening took the only sensible option and sent the fleet down harbour, even if that wasn't consistently where the wind was coming from. With the start of the ebb tide under them, the fleet were a bit line shy allowing Caroline Croft and Faye Chatterton to get onto port and lead in pressure up the town side, to round Blackstone ahead of Andy 'Taxi' Davis and Pippa Kilsby with Tim Fells and Fran Gifford giving chase.

On the run, the fleet compressed with the chasing pack riding gusts down to the leaders. By the Ferry landing there were about 15 boats fighting it out gunwale to gunwale. Ian Dobson and Ally Potts were the first into pressure coming out of Batson Creek to escape the pack and grab the lead at Yalton.

After a nice beat out of the Yalton, Ian and Ally got a bit low on the fetch out to Gerston, allowing Taxi and Pippa to hold height above them and take the lead which they extended, leading back to Blackstone ahead of Ian and Ally, Caroline and Faye, and Tim and Fran.

While Taxi and Pippa were far enough ahead to navigate their way through the minefield of the run/beat to the finish line and take their first bullet, the race was about to start again for those behind. With strong gusts bringing a chasing pack of 15 boats up there were some big winners and losers. Stu Bithell and Katherine Kimber hugged the shoreline to jump into second ahead of Ian and Ally. Jenny and Chris Dodds, Nick Heginbotham and Rory Gifford, and Steve Crook and Sally Townend all found their way through to take 4th to 6th. A strong representation of Hollingworth Lake in the top 6!

First Silver fleet in 16th were Mark Stockbridge and James Gifford, with 1976 Olympic Medallist Alan Warren and William Carroll in 20th.

Bronze fleet was led home by David and Frances Bursey in 40th.

RACE 2: BLUE v BLACK Flights, Course 7,1,3,2,3

The sun was out and the breeze a bit more round to the North West for the afternoon race. This meant that what breeze there was on the line was coming from the North and the start was set up harbour. Although the town side was heavily biased, the Portlemouth shore had more breeze and less tide. George and Sophie Yeoman nailed the start to lead on the fetch up to the Bag.

On the leg up to Gerston, Tom Gillard and Rachael Rhodes moved into the lead from Christian Birrell and superstar crew Luke Patience, with Matt Biggs and Becca Jones battling out with George and Sophie for third.

Despite the challenges of transitioning through the light airs zone at the start/finish line, these places remained the same although very tight. Christian and Luke briefly took the lead but Tom and Rachael re-established their control and came home comfortably ahead. Matt and Becca got the better of George and Sophie for third with Mike and Jane Calvert, despite a capsize on the last run past Smalls Beach, coming home fifth ahead of Simon Blake and Alex Jackson who had been climbing all race.

Top Silver Fleet performers in an excellent 7th place were Duncan Salmon (who won the week as a crew in 1986 and 87) and Ruth Hanstater. There was another top performance in Bronze fleet from Julian Harms and Richard Adams who came home 18th.

So, at the end of day one when conditions have been very challenging, the cream has already risen to the top. The top four are the teams who would be considered the top four in the fleet.

Worryingly, the forecast looks like much the same for the next few days. A Race Officer's nightmare, and not exactly what the sailors are dreaming of. At least it will be sunny!

Report - Tim Fells

Results after Day 1:


Pos Sail No Hull colour Fleet Flight Boat name Helm Crew Club R1 R2
1st 3759 Red Gold Black Red Mistress Thomas Gillard Rachael Gray Sheffield Viking Sailing Club (DNC) 1
2nd 3735 Grey White Gold Green Lasagne dish Andy Davis Pippa Kilsby South Staffs Sailing Club 1 (DNC)
3rd 3788 Blue Gold Blue Blue my mind Christian Birrell Luke Patience Parkstone Yacht Club (DNC) 2
4th 3811 Grey Gold Green Bruce Stuart Bithell Katherine Kimber Parkstone Yacht Club 2 (DNC)
5th 3801 Black Gold Blue Pokey Matt Biggs Becca Jones Bartley Sailing Club (DNC) 3
6th 3784 Blue Gold Red Strung up Ian Dobson Ally Potts Hayling Island Sailing Club 3 (DNC)
7th 3777 Grey Gold Black Mockingjay George Yeoman Sophie Yeoman Itchenor Sailing Club (DNC) 4
8th 3611 Grey White Gold Green The Phantom Menace Jenny Dodds Chris Dodds RYA 4 (DNC)
9th 3691 Blue Gold Black Quick Fix Mike Calvert Jane Calvert Axe Sailing Club (DNC) 5
10th 3679 Green White Gold Red Daddys boat Nick Heginbotham Rory Gifford Hollingworth Lake Sailing Club 5 (DNC)
11th 3795 Elf Gulf livery Gold Black Goon Simon Blake Alex Jackson Royal Brighton Yacht Club (DNC) 6
12th 3678 Black White Gold Red Nora Steve Crook Sally Townend Hollingworth Lake Sailing Club 6 (DNC)
13th 3702 Blue/pink Silver Blue Salmon en croute Duncan Salmon Ruth Hanstater Salcombe Yacht Club (DNC) 7
14th 3799 Grey White Gold Green Simply Scrumptious Paul Rayson Chris Hill Salcombe Yacht Club 7 (DNC)
15th 3775 Grey Gold Black Night Fury Chris Jennings Peter Nicholson Burghfield Sailing Club (DNC) 8
16th 3687 Yellow Gold Green Mellow Yellow Matt Greenfield Hannah Greenfield Chew Valley Lake Sailing Club 8 (DNC)
17th 3746 White Grey Gold Blue Point n squirt James Wells Anna Aylward RYA (DNC) 9
18th 3645 Blue Gold Green Blue Velvet Steve Hall Simon Haighton Royal Corinthian Yacht Club 9 (DNC)
19th 3703 Black/white Gold Blue Faithless Richard Whitworth Jemima Scroggie Parkstone Yacht Club (DNC) 10
20th 3803 White Gold Red Black Swan Caroline Croft Faye Chatterton Lymington Town Sailing Club 10 (DNC)
21st 3753 White Gold Blue Appetite for Destruction David Conlon Sarah Conlon Brightlingsea SC (DNC) 11
22nd 3812 Black Gold Red Maumahara Chris Gould Rob Allen Salcombe Yacht Club 11 (DNC)
23rd 3700 Blue Gold Blue Brazilian Rob Kennaugh Andrew Prosser Midland Sailing Club (DNC) 12
24th 3764 Blue Gold Red Fancy Liqour Tim Fells Frances Gifford Salcombe Yacht Club 12 (DNC)
25th 3730 Blue Silver Blue Blood Sweat and Beers Paul Hollis Ben Hollis Blithfield Sailing Club (DNC) 13
26th 3802 Grey Gold Green Khalesi Simon Potts Holly McArthur Burghfield Sailing Club 13 (DNC)
27th 3726 Blue Gold Black Arwen Will Henderson Rob Henderson Salcombe Yacht Club (DNC) 14
28th 3787 Red Gold Green Quicksilver Chris Martin Samuel Bailey Midland Sailing Club 14 (DNC)
29th 3807 Blue Gold Blue Baloo Tim Saxton Mary Henderson Itchenor Sailing Club (DNC) 15
30th 3666 Grey Gold Red …ted… John Meadowcroft Ollie Meadowcroft Upper Thames Sailing Club 15 (DNC)
31st 3696 White Gold Blue Tiger Tiger Alex Warren Jonty Freeman Shoreham Sailing Club (DNC) 16
32nd 3727 Grey Silver Green Fragile Mark Stockbridge James Gifford Upper Thames Sailing Club 16 (DNC)
33rd 3709 Blue Silver Blue Wild at Heart Jack Norton Dave Royce Ranelagh Sailing Club (DNC) 17
34th 3710 White/blue Gold Red Paradigm Shift Jon Ibbotson Robert Stewart Burghfield Sailing Club 17 (DNC)
35th 3794 Grey/organge Bronze Blue Icthys Julian Harms Richard Adams Midland Sailing Club (DNC) 18
36th 3791 Blue Gold Green Didley Squat Jon Gorringe Mimi Gorringe Parkstone Yacht Club 18 (DNC)
37th 3731 Grey Silver Blue Mayhem Andy Jones Maddie Jones Burghfield Sailing Club (DNC) 19
38th 3781 Grey Gold Red The Force Awakens David Winder Anna Blake Hollingworth Lake Sailing Club 19 (DNC)
39th 3715 Black White Silver Black Truly Scrumptious Richard Cooke Russell Hall Wembley Sailing Club (DNC) 20
40th 3773 White Silver Red No. 34 Alan Warren William Carroll Shoreham Sailing Club 20 (DNC)
41st 3615 Red Silver Blue Edgar Stuart Bates Louise Archer Hollingworth Lake Sailing Club (DNC) 21
42nd 3711 Blue Gold Green Sylvia Chris Kilsby Tom Morris Upper Thames Sailing Club 21 (DNC)
43rd 3806 Blue Silver Black Blue Tit Ben Jones Helen Hilditch Shoreham Sailing Club (DNC) 22
44th 3790 Blue Silver Green Pointer Colin Brockbank Vana Vlastaki Wembley Sailing Club 22 (DNC)
45th 3714 Blue Silver Black Kevin Alan Markham Sue Markham Lymington Town Sailing Club (DNC) 23
46th 3796 Blue Gold Red ROBERTA William Warren Megan Pascoe Shoreham Sailing Club 23 (DNC)
47th 3684 Black Grey Silver Black Keyser Soze Tom Low Ed Low West Hoe Sailing Club (DNC) 24
48th 3647 Blue Silver Red Liquid Dreams Hywel Bowen‑Perkins Lucy Penwarden Salcombe Yacht Club 24 (DNC)
49th 3748 White Silver Black White Tiger Nigel Brooke Suzie Brooke Lymington Town Sailing Club (DNC) 25
50th 3665 Blue Silver Green Still not over Ross Jackson Dave Reid Shoreham Sailing Club 25 (DNC)
51st 3768 White Gold Blue Hulla Baloo Rob Cage Hatty Cage Thames Sailing Club (DNC) 26
52nd 3740 Blue Yellow Gold Green Why ask Patrick Blake Jill Blake Cookham Reach Sailing Club 26 (DNC)
53rd 3670 Black White Bronze Blue Filthy Gorgeous Mark McKeever Gracie McKeever Midland Sailing Club (DNC) 27
54th 2663 Blue Silver Red Tyrrannosaurus Rex Christopher Haworth Jo Haworth Blackpool and Fleetwood Sailing Club 27 (DNC)
55th 3539 Grey Gold Blue Gangsta Paradise Dan Alsop Jennie King Lyme Regis Sailing Club (DNC) 28
56th 3625 Blue Silver Red Carbon Adventures Andy Harris Sara Warren Tamesis Club 28 (DNC)
57th 3518 Red Bronze Blue Smoked Salmon Timothy Harms Amelia Little Hampton Sailing Club (DNC) 29
58th 3705 Blue Silver Red Two pints of lager Geoff Wright Tom Gurney Blithfield Sailing Club 29 (DNC)
59th 3789 Blue Grey Silver Black Off‑piste Nick Scroggie Edward Scroggie Parkstone Yacht Club (DNC) 30
60th 3648 Blue white Silver Red Bang Tidy Antonia Wright Jamie Wright Shoreham Sailing Club 30 (DNC)
61st 3704 Grey Bronze Black Factory Maid Jemma Horwood Nicola Bass Thames Sailing Club (DNC) 31
62nd 3690 Orange Silver Green General Lee Lucy Harridge Andrea Downham Hampton Sailing Club 31 (DNC)
63rd 3602 Green White Silver Blue Ambience Martin Evans Chris Evans Hampton Sailing Club (DNC) 32
64th 3745 Grey Silver Red Outnumbered Paul Dean Hannah Burt Wembley Sailing Club 32 (DNC)
65th 3555 Light Fantastic Silver Black Sam Blocksidge Sam Blocksidge Will Wilkinson Tamar River Sailing Club (DNC) 33
66th 3607 Black White Silver Green The Fifth Element Steve Conroy Anna Rayson Salcombe Yacht Club 33 (DNC)
67th 3706 Grey Bronze Blue Monkey Puzzle Kevin Anderson Sadie Anderson Salcombe Yacht Club (DNC) 34
68th 3756 Blue Gold Green ROBERT Sophie Mackley James Ward Shoreham Sailing Club 34 (DNC)
69th 3736 Blue Bronze Black Metachrosis Jon Bloice Philippa Bloice Whitstable Yacht Club (DNC) 35
70th 3659 Mint Gold Green Zeno Julian Parry Leise Scott Hollingworth Lake Sailing Club 35 (DNC)
71st 3598 Black White Silver Blue Bar Humbug Robert Smith Suzy Brough Salcombe Yacht Club (DNC) 36
72nd 3724 Blue Silver Red Sublime Joe McLaughlin Sean Roberts Tamesis Club 36 (DNC)
73rd 3675 Blue White Bronze Blue White Sauce er er Rob Hatley Joe Hatley Tamesis Club (DNC) 37
74th 3671 Black Purple Silver Green Snakey B Piers Lambert Andy Bines Brightlingsea SC 37 (DNC)
75th 3749 White Silver Blue Stanley Colin Anderson Sean Anderson Blithfield Sailing Club (DNC) 38
76th 3657 Blue Silver Green Revolution Anthony Lofts Sophie Penwarden Salcombe Yacht Club 38 (DNC)
77th 3530 Yellow Bronze Black Sir Topaz Mike Colles George Bender Midland Sailing Club (DNC) 39
78th 3750 Grey Gold Red Indiscretion Neal Lillywhite Freya Lillywhite Salcombe Yacht Club 39 (DNC)
79th 3621 Blue Bronze Black Raunchy Tristram Squire Peter Slack Salcombe Yacht Club (DNC) 40
80th 3761 Grey Bronze Red Beast Quest David Bursey Frances Bursey Parkstone Yacht Club 40 (DNC)
81st 3805 Grey Silver Blue Nermal Mark Reddington Michelle Evans Bartley Sailing Club (DNC) 41
82nd 3622 Green Silver Green The Edge Christian Hamilton Jacintha Hamilton‑Love Itchenor Sailing Club 41 (DNC)
83rd 3771 Blue Bronze Black Skip Alex Pausey Matthew Percival Upper Thames Sailing Club (DNC) 42
84th 3697 Purple Bronze Red Too Dark and Stormy Richard Page Nicola Scaddan Hampton Sailing Club 42 (DNC)
85th 3502 Blue white Bronze Blue Shindig Scott Smith Christopher Smith Upper Thames Sailing Club (DNC) 43
86th 3686 Grey Bronze Green If Kevin Rose Emily Charles Upper Thames Sailing Club 43 (DNC)
87th 3606 Light blue Bronze Blue Take it Easy Joseph Woods Jonathan Woods Tamesis Club (DNC) 44
88th 3511 Red Bronze Red Heaven Sent Andrew Mills Ellie Mills Hampton Sailing Club 44 (DNC)
89th 3586 Grey Bronze Black Shadowplay Kieron Mason Belinda Mason Blithfield Sailing Club (DNC) 45
90th 3569 Purple Silver Red Time Zulu Ben Lulham Sam Lulham Blakeney Sailing Club 45 (DNC)
91st 3800 Blue Bronze Black Brambles Richard Bramley Tony Cheal Shoreham Sailing Club (DNC) 46
92nd 3563 White Gold Green Leader David Hall Isobel Stewart Blackwater Sailing Club 46 (DNC)
93rd 3463 Pink Silver Red Smoke on the water Jon Cowper Abby Freely Hunts Sailing Club 47 (DNC)
94th 3707 Blue Bronze Red Monkey Business Stuart Jenkins Imogen Jenkins Hampton Sailing Club 48 (DNC)
95th 2604 Red Bronze Green Satisfaction Jeremy Stein Sarah Percival Upper Thames Sailing Club 49 (DNC)
96th 3599 Red Bronze Green Harry Nigel Cooper John Hollands Salcombe Yacht Club 50 (DNC)
97th 3813 Blue Bronze Red Pace Maker Steve Harling Eleanor Thomas Starcross Sailing Club 51 (DNC)
98th 3547 Blue Bronze Red Moondance Assasin Peter Male Tim Male Blithfield Sailing Club 52 (DNC)
99th 3333 White Bronze Green Precious John Adams Rosalind Warwick‑Haller Tamesis Club 53 (DNC)
100th 3561 White Bronze Red Snorting Joe Shaw Patricia Hickey Wembley Sailing Club 54 (DNC)
101st 3762 Dark Blue Bronze Green Rimonim Malcolm Hyams Dan Barrett Midland Sailing Club 55 (DNC)
102nd 3766 Blue Yellow Gold Black The Bear Andy Dalby Mark Oakey Burghfield Sailing Club (DNC) BFD
102nd 3815 Blue Silver Blue The Kraken Tony Johnson Louise Johnson Lymington Town Sailing Club (DNC) DNF
102nd 3751 Blue Bronze Black Narnia Huw Reynolds Philip Scott Whitstable Yacht Club (DNC) DNF
102nd 3589 Red/White Bronze Green Fat Bottom Girl John Hollands Alexandra Parker Hampton Sailing Club (DNC) DNC
102nd 3733 Grey Gold Blue The Darkside Steve Mitchell Julie Nutall Porthpean Sailing Club (DNC) DNC
102nd 3809 Blue Gold Black Ecstacy Jon Turner Richard Parslow Lyme Regis Sailing Club (DNC) DNC
102nd 3814 Blue Gold Green After you James Goss Chris White South Staffs Sailing Club (DNC) DNC
102nd 3816 Blue White Silver Black Wild Horses Phil Emery Karen Emery Whitstable Yacht Club (DNC) DNC
102nd 3368 Red White Bronze Black Debutant Ian Laing Andrew Hunt Hollingworth Lake Sailing Club (DNC) DNC
102nd 3725 Blue Silver Black Island Girl Andrew Squire Laura Squire Salcombe Yacht Club (DNC) DNF
102nd 3769 Grey Silver Black Disciple Graham Cranford Smith Fiona Cranford Smith Salcombe Yacht Club (DNC) DNC
102nd 3654 Black Bronze Blue Tales of Acapulco Geoffrey Cox Monika Papiez Salcombe Yacht Club (DNC) DNF
102nd 3683 Blue Gold Black Bluebird Arthur Henderson Olivia Bell Salcombe Yacht Club (DNC) BFD
102nd 3652 Purple Silver Red Time and tide John Bell Suzi Bell Hampton Sailing Club (DNC) DNC
102nd 3672 White Silver Black Bola Bola John Cooper Hilary Bradshaw Whitstable Yacht Club (DNC) DNC
102nd 3676 Blue White Gold Blue Hot Totty Antony Gifford Jo Gifford Royal Tay YC (DNC) DNC

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