Results / Silver Tiller Open Meeting

Lymington Town Sailing Club
12/06/2022 - 12/06/2022
Silver Tiller: S
Two Day Silver Tiller: Sunday

20 Merlin Rockets showed up to the start-line for the Craftinsure Silver Tiller at the hospitable Lymington Town Sailing Club on Sunday 12 June. With the forecast initially showing a calmer contrast to the wild day of training on Saturday, the strong south-westerly was a surprise to many.

With tide flowing against the breeze, it was a race to the left-hand side to get into the middle of the channel. Chris Gould and Rob Allen got the jump on the rest with a good pin end start and led round the windward mark, only to shoot off downwind without acknowledging the spreader mark! The remaining fleet converged largely at once, with Simon Potts and Holly McArthur getting an early gybe out in to breeze, closely followed by Christian Birrell and Sam Brearey. This leading pair continued to stretch away, with Simon and Holly holding their lead to the end. The chasing pack fought between them until the end, with David and Vicky Lenz taking third.

The wind had now truly built, and the large chop was beginning to form across the course. Race Two saw another drag race to the left, which saw Dave and Vicky shoot off into a lead round the top mark. They were followed by Chris and Rob, with a large pack behind them looming. By the following windward mark, Christian and Sam had pulled into the lead, and a collision with the buoy left Dave and Vicky spinning, letting Caroline Croft and Ollie Meadowcroft move in to second, with Chris Jennings and Pete Nicholson hunting them down. No further changes occurred in the top three before the finish, with the overpowered reaches allowing the leaders to stretch away.

Race three began with a general recall - something the Merlin fleet is very much accustomed to. This familiarity was not enough however, to stop a group of trigger-happy sailors racing all the way to the windward mark before returning back to the line. The restart was successful, with James Goodfellow and Richard Comes making an excellent committee end start and flying across the fleet to the left of them. They led round the windward mark ahead of Dave and Vicky, with William Warren and Megan Pascoe, who had spent the day so far being brilliantly consistent. Dave and Vicky soon took the lead, with the ever present Christian and Sam giving everything to catch them, and James and Richard falling down to third. The fleet spread out and came home in this order, with only eleven finishers by the final race caused by the stiff 20 knots that had built throughout the day.

Christian and Sam took the win with a 1,2 scoreline to count. The bullet in the final race from Dave and Vicky got them up in to second ahead of Simon and Holly, who ended up retiring in the final race. First Gold fleet boat was Will and Megan whose new sails showed real boat speed, giving them a 4,5 scoreline. First Silver Fleet was Mark Stockbridge and Rupert Stock, and First Bronze Fleet was Geoff and Helen Kimber, in 12th and 13th respectively. 

Thank you to Lymington Town Sailing Club for putting on a great day on the water and for the tea and doughnuts off the water! Next up the Craftinsure Silver Tiller heads to Shoreham Sailing Club on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th June.

Thank you Ollie Meadowcroft for the report

Lymington Town Sailing Club

Merlin Rocket Open 2022


Sailed: 3, Discards: 1, To count: 2, Entries: 23, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Sail No HelmName CrewName R1 R2 R3 Total Nett
1st 3788 Christian Birrell Sam Brearey (2.0) 1.0 2.0 5.0 3.0
2nd 3778 David Lenz Victoria Lenz 3.0 (6.0) 1.0 10.0 4.0
3rd 3802 Simon Potts Holly McArthur 1.0 4.0 (25.0 DNC) 30.0 5.0
4th 3803 Caroline Croft Ollie Meadowcroft 5.0 2.0 (6.0) 13.0 7.0
5th 3775 Chris Jennings Pete Nicholson 4.0 3.0 (25.0 DNC) 32.0 7.0
6th 3796 William Warren Megan Pascoe (6.0) 5.0 4.0 15.0 9.0
7th 3793 James Goodfellow Richard Comes (13.0) 8.0 3.0 24.0 11.0
8th 3691 Mike Calvert Jane Calvert (7.0) 7.0 5.0 19.0 12.0
9th 3780 Sarah Richards Nigel Wakefield 9.0 (12.0) 8.0 29.0 17.0
10th 3782 Ed Chapman Hannah Peters (16.0) 11.0 7.0 34.0 18.0
11th 3812 Chris Gould Rob Allen 11.0 9.0 (25.0 DNC) 45.0 20.0
12th 3727 Mark Stockbridge Rupert Stock (14.0) 13.0 9.0 36.0 22.0
13th 3817 Geoff Kimber Helen Kimber 12.0 10.0 (25.0 DNC) 47.0 22.0
14th 3756 Sophie Mackley James Ward 10.0 14.0 (25.0 DNC) 49.0 24.0
15th 3815 Mark Barwell Louise Johnson (15.0) 15.0 10.0 40.0 25.0
16th 3745 Wing Cdr Paul Dean Hannah Burt (17.0) 16.0 11.0 44.0 27.0
17th 3758 David Hayes Jonny Ratcliffe 8.0 (25.0 RET) 25.0 DNC 58.0 33.0
18th 3748 Nigel Brooke Suzie Brooke 18.0 17.0 (25.0 DNC) 60.0 35.0
19th 3602 Martin Evans Chris Evans 20.0 18.0 (25.0 DNC) 63.0 38.0
20th 3619 Guy Browne Greg Martin 19.0 (25.0 RET) 25.0 DNC 69.0 44.0
21st 3650 Gareth Griffiths   (25.0 DNC) 25.0 DNC 25.0 DNC 75.0 50.0
21st 3719 Ian Martin Rob Martin (25.0 RET) 25.0 RET 25.0 DNC 75.0 50.0
21st 3750 Neal Lillywhite Freya Lillywhite (25.0 DNC) 25.0 DNC 25.0 DNC 75.0 50.0


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