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Events to Qualify: 4

The Midland Circuit is a series of events, some Silver Tiller status, some not, for Clubs officially within 60 miles of Midland Sailing Club although sometimes miles vary in length! The Circuit began in 1967 with many leading sailors such as Phil King and Mike Calvert being successful before moving on to success on the Silver Tiller circuit.

To qualify, all that you have to do is complete four events, including at least one non Silver Tiller event. Results from each event are recalculated to include only eligible Midland Circuit competitors. Silver Tiller rules apply and override club results if necessary. Entry is open to any member of the MROA who lives or sails at a club within 60 miles of Birmingham.

We divide the competitors up into three fleets, all sailing together, to give everyone a chance to win something:

The Open fleet will compete for the four trophies, 1st, 2nd and 3rd plus best improver. There is an “Old Boat” trophy which applies to the classic boats.

To encourage the lady sailors, there will be a prize for first female qualifying helm and for the first female qualifying crew!

The sponsorship for the Midland Circuit is awesome with some very generous individuals and companies supporting us.

Our sponsors for 2022 are:
HD Sails - 0121 356 2175
Dirtyhands - 07973 720732
Fast Fit Plus - 0121 503 0700
Winder Boats - 01535 604980

Check out their services and, if you want to support the Midland Circuit, buy from our friends! 

Results up to and including Blithfield

2019 HD Sails Midland Circuit

2019 HD Sails Midland Circuit


Sailed: 6, Discards: 2, To count: 4, Entries: 40, Scoring system: Appendix A
RankSailNoClubHelmNameCrewNameRatingBartleyBanburyPlas HeliMidlandBlithfieldShustokeTotalNett
1st3743BlithfieldMatt BiggsBecca jones (3.00)(99.00 DNC)
2nd3716BlithfieldSteve LeneyGill Leney 6.00(99.00 DNC)2.00(9.00)5.002.00123.0015.00
3rd3787MidlandChris MartinVarious DNC)122.0016.00
4th3730BlithfieldPaul HollisPaula Mason (8.00)1.00(99.00 DNC)
5th3695BlithfieldPete Slack 11.004.00(99.00 DNC)(24.00)10.005.00153.0030.00
6th3619Trent ValleyGuy BrowneGreg Martin
7th3567BlithfieldMartin SmithKaren Beston (16.00)7.007.00(17.00)14.009.0070.0037.00
8th3530MidlandMike CollesVarious (19.50)8.00(99.00 DNC)19.0018.0011.00174.5056.00
9th2410HollingworthIan LaingAndrew Hunt 19.50(99.00 DNC)(99.00 DNC)22.0019.0010.00268.5070.50
10th3778BlithfieldChris GouldChris Kilsby 1.00(99.00 DNC)(99.00 DNC)2.003.0099.00 DNC303.00105.00
11th3684BlithfieldAndy DavisPipa Kilsby 2.00(99.00 DNC)(99.00 DNC)3.002.0099.00 DNC304.00106.00
12th3749BlithfieldColin AndersonVarious (99.00 DNC)(99.00 DNC)4.006.0099.00 DNC4.00311.00113.00
13th3700MidlandRob KennaughVarious 5.002.00(99.00 DNC)10.00(99.00 DNC)99.00 DNC314.00116.00
14th3673BartleyCaroline CroftTom Lonsdale 10.00(99.00 DNC)(99.00 DNC)5.004.0099.00 DNC316.00118.00
15th3442MidlandMatt SmithJared Lewis 7.00(99.00 DNC)(99.00 DNC)11.009.0099.00 DNC324.00126.00
16th3760BartleyMark ReddingtonVarious (99.00 DNC)(99.00 DNC)6.0015.0099.00 DNC7.00325.00127.00
17th3449RYACarl WhitwellVarious 15.0011.008.00(99.00 DNC)(99.00 DNC)99.00 DNC331.00133.00
18th3794MidlandJulian HarmsHarms Family 13.00(99.00 DNC)(99.00 DNC)14.0015.0099.00 DNC339.00141.00
19th3586BlithfieldKieron MasonBelinda Mason 17.00(99.00 DNC)9.0023.00(99.00 DNC)99.00 DNC346.00148.00

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