Results / Silver Tiller Open Meeting

Grafham Water S.C.
12/06/2021 - 13/06/2021
Silver Tiller: O
Two Day Silver Tiller: Both

Grafham Water SC welcomed 24 Merlin Rockets for the Craftinsure Silver Tiller event on the 12th and 13th of June. A beautifully sunny weekend delivered a great day of racing on the Saturday with wind varying from 5 to 12 knots throughout the day. Due to the lack of wind forecast for the Sunday, the PRO Peter Saxton, ran 4 races on the Saturday.

In race 1 Andy ‘Taxi’ Davies and Pippa Kilsby found a nice band of pressure on the right at the top of the first beat to set-up a commanding lead which they held for the rest of the race. A sausage, triangle course with a leeward gate kept the race open with lots of opportunities to make or lose places on the first lap. Tom Gillard and Rach Rhodes took 2nd with Matt Biggs and Beka Jones in 3rd.

At the end of race 1, Taxi and Pippa had to head into shore to make some emergency repairs to their pole systems meaning that they would unfortunately miss the next race. In race 2 Tom and Rach led around the windward mark followed by James Goss and Chris White. Dave Wade and Ben Rayner as well as Duncan and Harriet Salmon put together a strong 2nd beat leading out to the pressure on the right. At the finish it was Tom and Rach, followed by Dave and Ben with Duncan and Harriet in 3rd.

Race 3 saw James and Chris leading around the windward mark with the rest of the fleet close behind. At the leeward gate the fleet was compacted with a very open race. The 2nd beat saw Chris Jennings and Rick Cornes pick-up some nice shifts to establish a dominant lead. At the 3rd and final windward mark Taxi and Pippa were round in 2nd however with the pressure down to almost nothing a nervous last downwind leg ensued trying to guess where the wind was going to fill from. The wind eventually came back enabling Tom and Rach to pull through into 2nd with James and Chris in 3rd.

Race 4 saw Tom and Rach establish a lead on the first beat which they held confidently to the finish. Coming in from the left of the course on the first beat were Matt and Beka, and Ian Dobson and Charlotte Fildes, who managed to get across before the pressure and shift came in from the right. At the finish it was Matt and Beka in 2nd with Ian and Charlotte in 3rd.

Sunday dawned with warmth and sunshine, unfortunately however the forecast was correct with hardly any wind on the lake. We waited until 10:30 to see if anything might happen before packing up and heading home.

Many thanks to Grafham Water SC, the race officer, and the rest of the race committee for putting on a great event and excellent day of racing!

Next up the Craftinsure Silver Tiller heads to Starcross Yacht Club on 19th and 20th June with the class training the following weekend at Lymington Town Sailing Club, book your spot via the website

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Photographs Copyright Paul Sanwell/OPP


Results are provisional as of 9:36 on June 13, 2021

Merlin Rocket Class

Sailed: 4, Discards: 1, To count: 3, Entries: 26, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Class Sail_number Helms_Name Crews_Name Sailing_Club Rating R1 R2 R3 R4 Total Nett
1st Merlin Rocket 3759 Thomas Gillard Rach Rhodes Sheffield Viking SC/ Staunton   (2.0) 1.0 2.0 1.0 6.0 4.0
2nd Merlin Rocket 3801 Matt Biggs Beka Jones Bartley SC   3.0 (10.0) 5.0 2.0 20.0 10.0
3rd Merlin Rocket 3814 James Goss Chris Whitre South Staffs SC   4.0 (5.0) 3.0 5.0 17.0 12.0
4th Merlin Rocket 3735 Andy Davis Pippa Kilsby South Staffs SC   1.0 (27.0 DNC) 6.0 7.0 41.0 14.0
5th Merlin Rocket 3804 Ian Dobson Charlotte Fildes Burwain SC   6.0 7.0 (8.0) 3.0 24.0 16.0
6th Merlin Rocket 3758 David Hayes Will Crocker LTSC/ HISC   (9.0) 4.0 7.0 6.0 26.0 17.0
7th Merlin Rocket 3658 Chris Jennings Rick Cornes Burghfield Sailing Club   (17.0) 8.0 1.0 9.0 35.0 18.0
8th Merlin Rocket 3702 Duncan Salmon Harriet Salmon Wembley Sailing Club   (13.0) 3.0 4.0 13.0 33.0 20.0
9th Merlin Rocket 3786 Dave Wade Ben Rayner Draycote/ YDSC   (14.0) 2.0 9.0 11.0 36.0 22.0
10th Merlin Rocket 3795 Alex Jackson Chris Kilsby Shoreham   7.0 11.0 (13.0) 4.0 35.0 22.0
11th Merlin Rocket 3781 David Winder Oliver Rayner Hollingworth Lake   5.0 9.0 14.0 (17.0) 45.0 28.0
12th Merlin Rocket 3763 Mark Barnes Josh Wilce Whitstable YC / Rutland Sc   8.0 (15.0) 10.0 10.0 43.0 28.0
13th Merlin Rocket 3716 Steve Leney Gill Leney Blithfield   (16.0) 12.0 11.0 8.0 47.0 31.0
14th Merlin Rocket 3746 James Wells Anna Aylward Starcross   (15.0) 6.0 12.0 14.0 47.0 32.0
15th Merlin Rocket 3802 Simon Potts Peter Gray Burghfield Sailing Club   11.0 13.0 (17.0) 12.0 53.0 36.0
16th Merlin Rocket 3749 Colin Anderson Sean Anderson Blithfield   10.0 14.0 16.0 (19.0) 59.0 40.0
17th Merlin Rocket 3715 Richard Cooke Russell Hall Wembley Sailing Club   12.0 (16.0) 15.0 15.0 58.0 42.0
18th Merlin Rocket 3774 Richard Coulter Chris Hill Fishers Green   (18.0) 17.0 18.0 16.0 69.0 51.0
19th Merlin Rocket 3730 Paul Hollis Michelle Evans Bartley SC   (19.0) 19.0 19.0 18.0 75.0 56.0
20th Merlin Rocket 3463 Jon Cowper Abby Freely Hunts SC   20.0 20.0 (22.0) 21.0 83.0 61.0
21st Merlin Rocket 3792 Alistair Mcdonald Kirsti Potter Berwick-upon-Tweed   21.0 (27.0 DNC) 23.0 20.0 91.0 64.0
22nd Merlin Rocket 3583 Ben Eaves Rob Kennaugh Midland   (27.0 DNC) 18.0 20.0 27.0 DNC 92.0 65.0
23rd Merlin Rocket 3368 Ian Laing Andrew Hunt Hollingworth Lake   (27.0 DNC) 21.0 27.0 BFD 22.0 97.0 70.0
24th Merlin Rocket 2037 Richard Burton Nicola and Mariella Medley   22.0 (27.0 DNC) 21.0 27.0 DNC 97.0 70.0
25th Merlin Rocket 3662 Nigel Hudson Freya Hudson Bartley SC   (27.0 DNC) 27.0 DNC 27.0 DNC 27.0 DNC 108.0 81.0
25th Merlin Rocket 3723 Geoff Kimber Helen Kimber Stone S C   (27.0 DNC) 27.0 DNC 27.0 DNC 27.0 DNC 108.0 81.0

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