Topic : Parkstone ST 2013

NoR about to be published, same gig as last year, but not sure about the Pimms on the Officers deck!

Posted: 05/09/2013 20:31:02
By: JonCG
Oh and those with camper vans could be accommodated in the club car park, as long as your not naughty.

Posted: 05/09/2013 20:36:03
By: JonCG
NOR is available now:

Posted: 06/09/2013 08:12:37
By: Dave Bursey
I intend coming down from Hollingworth for this weekend but unfortunately my crew cant sail.

Just wondering if there is anybody local who may be interested in crewing. Perhaps you might send me an email

MR 3723

Posted: 06/09/2013 10:32:57
By: Nick Brook
Entry form is now available online.

Lots of great prizes lined up, including stuff from Quay West Chandlers, HD, Creation covers, and a North Sails Boat cover from Tricky Dicky Sailing.

See you all on Saturday!

Posted: 25/09/2013 18:26:49
By: Dave Bursey
Can you refresh my memory? If the RO decides that going out is too much (and it looks fruity), then we sail inside the harbour on Saturday, but not for Silver Tiller points. Sunday is only inside and will attract Silver Tiller points. Correct?

Posted: 27/09/2013 16:19:03
By: Andy Hay - Business as Usual
Results are available here:

Separate results for each ST event to follow shortly.

Lots of photos too, some here:

And here:

Posted: 30/09/2013 08:01:31
By: Dave Bursey
Was it just a bit breezy on the Saturday?

Posted: 30/09/2013 12:26:30
By: Andrew M
I would just like to thank the PYC rescue crew who stood by us during the third race whilst mayhem was happening as we tried to right the boat with a missing buoyancy bag. Thankfully no injuries to anybody and we lived to fight the next day. Even got the buoyancy bag back!

Tricky Dicky admitted that the waves were some of the biggest he'd seen for a while! Some of the photos make them look even bigger!

Posted: 30/09/2013 12:49:40
By: Nick Brook
Aye, it was a touch fruity.

Posted: 30/09/2013 14:34:51
By: Andy Hay - Business as Usual
Write up now done.

thanks for everyone for coming, it was great fun!

Posted: 30/09/2013 18:41:46
By: JonCG
Lots more photos now available:

And results for the two seperate events here:

Posted: 02/10/2013 18:00:34
By: Dave Bursey
Thanks for doing the write-up Jon!

Some great pictures in there Dave.

Posted: 02/10/2013 22:07:58
By: Richard
Dave - not that we troubled the prizes, but shouldn't we have got 27th (better discard & last race)?

Every Silver Tiller points counts in our battle with Ben Archer ....

Posted: 02/10/2013 22:28:28
By: Andy Hay - Business as Usual
Hi Andy,

I think count back is used to split ties in the first instance?

Posted: 02/10/2013 23:17:27
By: Dave Bursey


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