Topic : Blithfield barrel final round

last round of the blithfield barrel is this sunday and we are at last forcast some breeze. hope to see you all there. fotoboat are also attending to take some nice pics.
hopefully we can beat the record of 21 merlins that would be fantastic!!!

Posted: 19/02/2010 09:16:17
By: ben hollis
Sunday 21st Feb Barrel Meeting Menu

Main meal is a choice of pie with mash potatoes and veg.
Veg option cheese pie with beans. £1.50
Sweet, fruit crumble and custard 50p.

forgot to mention the food most important part of the day lol!!!!

Posted: 19/02/2010 09:19:03
By: ben hollis
Great forecast too!

Posted: 19/02/2010 14:30:06
By: Chris
Another similar weather forecast website is  It's intended for glider and paraglider pilots who need suitable weather for cross country flying, thus the 'XC' in the name. It's based on numerous automatic reporting points on airfields throughout the UK and the maps are updated every 30 minutes. 

You can enter a postcode but I guess the forecast would be based on the nearest airfield e.g. The forecast for Tamesis Club, Teddington is probably based on Heathrow.

Posted: 20/02/2010 10:32:12
By: Robert Harris
Thanks Blithfield a great series and today was probably the best, ice and snow on arrival well done to those that cleared the ice, great pies at lunch time thanks to the galley crew.
More thanks to the cake makers and thanks to my crew for comming out to play.
Now come on Tim publish the results!

Posted: 21/02/2010 22:59:23
By: Smokin
totaly agree was a fantastic event to sail this year well done blithfield

Posted: 22/02/2010 08:46:51
By: ben hollis
I have just been sent a massive set of images from Fotoboat, to go on Y&Y. To prove how photogenic the Merlin is, note that over half of those photos were of our class!

Posted: 22/02/2010 10:04:01
By: Mags
There may be a slight delay with the results. Tim was at the Club till late last night and Be is going in to hospital today for a 'knee job'

Posted: 22/02/2010 11:37:35
I've just sent the report and top 10 results to Y&Y. Working out the top 10 involved taking my shoes off, and i stupidly left my laptop at the club last night! Tim said he'll get the full results posted this evening.

Posted: 22/02/2010 12:50:06
By: Chris M
Is this the first toe operated laptop??????

Posted: 22/02/2010 18:54:58
By: Curious
final results:
need checking for errors!

Posted: 22/02/2010 19:00:29
By: Tim Male
Many thanks to all the visitors who attended - especially Redditch and Midland and all those from further afield too!

Posted: 23/02/2010 18:12:44
By: Tim Male


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