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Hi All,

Im after some measurement advice...

Will there be anyone at the Shoreham ST or at the nationals wholl be able to endorse my annual bouyancy test? (i believe this needs to be a RYA class measurer - but not necessarily a Merlin measurer)

Secondly - can anyone point me to the list of RYA sail measurers? I have a Jib that needs measuring for the nationals, but cant find the list on the RYA website.


Tim Saxton - 3807

Posted: 15/07/2021 12:06:46
By: Tim Saxton


Having checked that your buoyancy complies withthe relevant rules, you can sign your own endorsement.  The witness is anyone who can verify that it was your signature.

I am entered for the champs and should be able to measure your jib on the saturday.

The new RYA website is in my view a disaster.  Their own staff advise locating stuff via the search box but that usually just says "no matches".  I too cant find the list of sail measurers but will see if I can find out,

Dan Alsop 

Posted: 17/07/2021 22:49:15
By: Dan Alsop

Tim (and anyone who like me does is not good at cryptic crosswords) RYA tells me the list of measurers is on the Portsmouth Yardstick website:

Would you believe it??????????????

Dan Alsop

Posted: 19/07/2021 09:38:06
By: Dan Alsop


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