Topic : Re-Rope Advice

I have a Classic River Merlin and looking to re-rope. Any advise on best sheet types and diameters for Jib, Main and Kite sheets?

Now we are all on line - who are best suppliers?

Thank you

Posted: 19/03/2021 22:15:03
By: Carl
Hi Carl,
To be honest it is personal preference, however I would start with 7mm for the Mainsheet, 6mm for the Jib Sheets where they are held (they can be tapered) and 5/6mm for the Spinnaker Sheets where they are held, certainly tapered.
If they feel too thin then go up 1mm at a time.

Posted: 19/03/2021 23:08:36
By: Stuart Bates
you really need to try a few as one manufactures 8mm could be measures at resting tension while others measure under working tension.
7/8mm mainsheet is right, spinnaker and jib sheets are usually tapered 6mm down to 3 or 4mm. Beware that exposed 12 strand core will shrink with use as the fibres loosen out and the length lost can be quite significant.
Suppliers - the class has many sponsors, please support them :) 

Posted: 20/03/2021 17:32:59
By: Chris Martin


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