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Hi as stated previously I'm fairly new to Merlin sailing but having a blast! Finally started playing with the spinnaker... But seem to be missing something. I can get the spinnaker flying but there seems to be nothing in the rigging to stop the poles flying upwards i. e. To pull down on them.  I have the 2 holes on the foredeck... Any advice or pics would be much appreciated. Martin 

Posted: 21/09/2018 09:09:59
Hi Martin.
There should be two lines that have rings on the end.  The spinnaker sheet goes through the ring.  The line from the ring goes through the outboard end of the pole, exiting through the bottom of the pole near the outboard end.  This then passes through the hole in the foredeck and then usually connects to a purchase under the foredeck, or to a cleat.  The same should then be done to the other side.  When the pole is out the ring will be pulled into the end of the pole.

Posted: 21/09/2018 11:27:28
By: Stuart Bates
Some people use the scorpion class style system where the line that ejects the pole also pulls the sheet to the end of the pole, they have a separate downhaul.

Posted: 23/09/2018 13:21:58
By: Gareth Griffiths NHRC

Hi Martin,


I put some pictures and videos on the Merlin Rocket Builders Forum that show the common spinnaker pole down-haul system; let me know if you need anything else and I can take some pictures for you.

Posted: 25/09/2018 17:44:39
By: Alan3571
great advice all! ... managed to complete a 3 mile run downwind on Lake Windermere last weekend with the kite flying perfectly...what a blast!

Posted: 26/09/2018 06:49:24
By: Martin
Hi Martin,
Sounds like you've managed to get yourself pretty sorted out.  It's the Hollingworth Lake Open Meeting soon, which would be a good chance for you to get a good look around other boats, chat and see how well you are doing against other Merlins.  Would be great to see you there.

Posted: 26/09/2018 11:35:15
By: Stuart Bates
that sounds like a great idea.... 

Posted: 26/09/2018 13:38:10
By: Martin


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