Topic : Painting inside and out old boat

Have just acquired a third vintage merlin - intending to use for parts on the others, but in fact the hull stripped to bare wood is in such good condition we are considering getting it back on the water.
Have seen other boats painted inside - does anyone have suggestions for what type / maker paint to use for this please?

Posted: 27/05/2013 19:40:42
By: Nick / Richard
Ours is painted in Blakes Hempel Light Primer / EPU. Two coats, roller applied - colour is stone grey. BAU looks good with it.

Just watch cutting in / repairs. The primer does fade a touch and you can tell where patching occurs, but is does have a good high build thickness and sands back lovely.

Posted: 27/05/2013 20:45:56
By: Andy Hay - Business as Usual
Hempel Multicoat light grey is an alternative, easy to apply and touch up.

See link for the finish you get.

Posted: 28/05/2013 09:41:26
By: Miles
There was a company in Henfield called Serene Paints (Horace & Williams) that manufactured a 2 pack paint called 'Weathersafe' Paint. I used this on my boat (MR 908 which incidentally is shortly going on the for sale list)and it was recommended to me by Laurie Smart as he used it on the insides of most of his later boats (see 3566 on for sale list). I have totally encapsulated my boat in this paint system (hull, decks, inside and under) and it is a tough as old boots with virtually zero maintenance!! I know that when Laurie built Rob Holroyd's boat 'Wicked' he used the Blakes system Andy refers too so Serene may have gone belly up!

Posted: 28/05/2013 09:52:15
By: Richard Battey
I tried to find what had happened to Serene paints but couldn't find any trace - must have gone a couple of years ago. I took Andy's advice on the Hempel/Blakes EPU as a replacement for weathersafe and seems very good.

Posted: 28/05/2013 12:59:25
By: K.M.
I am doing a major over haul on an early foam planked NSM2, and have used Penguard as an initial epoxy and hardtop HB  as a polyurethane 2 part paint inside and out. Masses of rubbing down before, during and after, however. Take lots of photographs before to remind you what rope/ fitting goes where. All systems provided by JOTUN paints at SML paints and coatings. Once finished I'll leave some photos myself..

Posted: 29/05/2013 10:55:10
By: Richard
Varnish looks a million times better!

Posted: 30/05/2013 22:15:22
By: Chris I
Totally agree with Chris I. If you haven't got anything nasty to hide-  varnish it!

Posted: 10/10/2013 20:24:37
By: the godfather 3031
Totally agree with Chris I. If you haven't got anything nasty to hide-  varnish it!

Posted: 10/10/2013 20:24:37
By: the godfather 3031


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