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The Annual General Meeting of the Merlin Rocket Owners’ Association will be held at Salcombe Yacht Club and on ZOOM, on Saturday 8th July 2023 starting immediately after the briefing for Salcombe Week, no earlier than 1830hrs. 

The Agenda for the meeting and the accounts for the year ending 31st December 2022 will be published in the summer issue of the magazine. Please note that any resolution to be moved at the AGM must be sent to the Honorary Secretary, to arrive by 5th May 2023. For further details, please refer to the Owners’ Association Rules. 

We look forward to welcoming you to this AGM either physically at SYC or virtually via ZOOM. 

Rob Allen 

MROA Chair

Join the AGM Virtually

The 2023 AGM is a hybrid meeting, if you are not able to attend in person, we encourage you to join virtually from the comfort of your home. To get the link to join the AGM please contact Martin Smith our Membership Secretary - [email protected] by Thursday 6th July 2023.

Posted: 07/03/2023 18:48:17
By: Alan Markham

The results of the AGM votes are as follows: (45 voters plus 2 spoilt papers)


In Favour



2. Approval of 2022 AGM Minutes

In favour 43/Against 0/ Abstention 2



4. Approval of Treasurers report and Annual AccountsIn favour 43/0/1

In favour 44/ Abstention 1



5. Election of committee members




Honorary Membership Secretary: Martin Smith

 In favour 45



Rules/Measurement: Dan Alsop

  In favour 45



Chair of Sailing Committee: Caroline Croft

  In favour 45



Publicity and Sponsorship: Lou Johnson

  In favour 43 / Against 2



Magazine Editor: Pat Blake

  In favour 45



Championships Organiser: Chris Martin

  In favour 45



Vintage Wing: Stuart Jenkins

  In favour 45



6. Honorary membership




Jilly Blake

  In favour 45



7. Class rules resolution




Proposed Rule C.4.1 LIMITATIONS

Advertising on the boat chosen by the person in charge is permitted.

 In favour 26 / Against 18 / Abstentions 1

The required majority of three quarters is not reached.



8. Class rules resolution




Proposed Rule C.4.1 LIMITATIONS

Advertising shall comply with World Sailing Regulation 20.

Advertising chosen by the crew is permitted as restricted by World Sailing Regulation 20 Advertising Code, and by the following restrictions:

(a) Advertising on hulls may be displayed over not more than 50% of the hull length.

(b) Advertising on spinnakers may be displayed without any additional restrictions.

(c) Advertising may be displayed on either the mainsail or the headsail and it may be on both sides of the sail. It shall have a total width no greater 1500mm, and a total height no greater than 500mm. On the mainsail, it shall be placed below the sail numbers.

(e) Advertising may be placed on the mast and the boom, within the lower third of the mast, and two-thirds of the length of the boom.


 In favour 28 / Against 13 / Abstentions 4

The required majority of three quarters is not reached.



Posted: 08/07/2023 20:10:50
By: Alan Markham


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