Topic : 2022 ST scores

Please find link to the initial ST scores after 2 events. I will start adding crews names in later in the season as boats start qualiflying.

Any issues please let me know

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Posted: 25/03/2022 09:56:39
By: Ross

ST scores updated post Blithfield. Paul Hollis sitting at the top for now ;-)

ST scores

Posted: 31/03/2022 11:56:28
By: Ross

 Bartley results have been added to the ST scores, same link as above

Posted: 06/04/2022 13:59:38
By: Ross

 The Salcombe open scores have now been added ;-)

Posted: 13/04/2022 21:44:05
By: Ross

 Mumbles results now added to the ST results


Posted: 29/04/2022 10:16:53
By: Ross

The Rock scores have now been added ;-)

Posted: 05/05/2022 11:43:47
By: Ross


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