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Welcome to our all new and improved Merlin Rocket Owners Association Website. We have spent the last few months developing a new website offering our members that little bit more, we are pleased with the results and hope you like it too!

The fun features

We now have a designated ‘Members Area’. When logged into the website, as a Full Member or an Associate Member of the M.R.O.A. you have access to a whole host of new features and treats including:

  1. Archive of all class magazines currently going back to 2005
  2. Archive of class yearbooks currently going back to 2006
  3. Members benefits with discount codes from sponsors of the class
  4. Ability to book and pay for class training online
  5. Access to AGM content
  6. Ability to post on our fancy new forum

The admin bit

  1. If you had a login on our previous website that will work on this new site.
  2. If you have a login and you are a paid-up member of the class association (Full or Associate) all the fancy new features will appear.
  3. If you are a paid-up member of the association but do not have a login you will need to create one to make the most of the new website. Go to ‘Join Now’, complete the form but do not complete the payment section. Your application will be reviewed and once confirmed (this is done manually so please be patient) you will have access to all areas.
  4. If you are not a member and would like to join you can do so via the ‘Join Now’ section and complete the process including the payment and your membership will go through to Martin who looks after our membership.


The Forum is currently read only unless you are logged in as a member, this is something we are addressing, but one step at a time! In the meantime, we are aware that we often get news of marriages, births and deaths of Merlin Rocket Sailors, or they are seeking information on a specific boat and appreciate that this is something you wish to share, if this is the case and you are not a member, please contact our Class Secretary (details on the website), as we can post this on your behalf.

Moving forwards

As a non-member you have access to more information on the class and our events, perhaps enough to entice you to join?

We hope you like what you see, the site has been thoroughly tested, but please bear with us as we get things up and running, this is new to us all!


Posted: 26/05/2021 17:30:08
By: Lou Johnson

Can we have an RSS feed please. I still go through all my news feeds once a day and prefer this to emails giving updates etc.

Posted: 27/05/2021 17:16:38
By: Andrew Marlow

Hi Andrew,

I have made a note of this and we will look into what we can do.


Posted: 28/05/2021 09:30:50
By: Lou Johnson

We are aware a few people are having trouble logging into the new website. If you reset your password, please check your junk, whilst we dont consider your password reset to the website junk - some email providers do!

Also to fully access all areas, I believe all cookies need to be accepted (see the little dark blue circle with light blue small circles inside it).

I am no technical website person, so please can we ask for your patience and do contact us via the committee page and we will do our very best to fix any issues as quickly as we can. This system is new to all of us!


Posted: 31/05/2021 20:26:53
By: Lou Johnson

Who would have thought it would take the much maligned combination of cookies and spam emails to finally be able to post on the forum again. Thanks for the technical tips. Site looks great so far.

Regarding having to log on before being able to post and the risk this reduces activity on the forum would it be possible with the new website to either require a valid email address to be provided for those not logged in and/ or the ability to designate topics of the lively debate nature as logged in/ verified email only?

Posted: 31/05/2021 23:24:00
By: Mark Stockbridge

You should now have RSS feed icons in the forum menu and the news area.


Posted: 07/06/2021 11:23:35
By: Chunky

A timely bump for those on the website without a login. The Nautilus Yachting Inlands entry is now open via Racing - Events as you will need a login to access this, please see the top of this post with guidelines of how to get yours. 

Posted: 14/09/2021 14:18:44
By: Lou Johnson


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