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A friend and I have just bought 2578 and I was wondering if anyone had any interesting information about her and her history! So far, I know that she won the Silver Tiller in 1977 and is a 'Satisfaction' design (1972?). I'd to know any information anyone may have on her - due to her age (significantly older than me!) I'm sure she's got a great history I'd love to hear about. 
Thank you in advance!

Posted: 15/05/2020 12:33:53
2578 is called Mischief Maker and is a Satisfaction built by Rowsells. Very likely the first one.
It didn't win the ST  I'm afraid, but those original Satisfactions were very quick in their day and its quite likely that it was there or thereabouts - you'll need someone significantly older than me to confirm. The name or number doesn't ring any bells I'm afraid, but you expect the first hull to have belonged to someone looking to put it in the right place.
These were very lightly built from new and were always quite fragile. How original is the rig? If the hull hasn't been strengthened be vary careful with your shroud tension. There is no bulkhead between the shrouds and the mast as on newer boats and you can end up squeezing the boat together.
It will be an excellent river or small lake boat however it is rigged and will still turn a few heads especially in light weather. When it gets windy you'll be working quite hard as its narrow by modern standards and was in tended to carry weight.

Posted: 16/05/2020 08:37:05
By: Chris Martin
Hi Chris,

Thank you for sharing! The rig is original, its interesting hearing about the construction and the info you've given about the shroud tension will be invaluable! 

I'm based in Salcombe so it'll be sailed here, I'm sure there will be plenty of head turning (and hard work) in the constantly changing conditions here :) 

Thank you for your knowledge, its great learning more about the boat. 


Posted: 16/05/2020 08:59:54
By: Elodie Grenen
At the start of the 1977 season my helm - one Phil King  - had sold his previous boat and the new one was not ready so we took 2578  'Mischief Maker' ( is she still called that?) into the fray. I recall we had an electric start to the season winning 5 or 6 meetings on the bounce however the stunning start inland was not reflected so well on the sea! I think we finished 10th at the Hayling  Champs that year . At the very end (about 2 minutes after finishing!) of a windy race the goosneck sheared off the mast so we dropped the main and sailed back in under jib and spinny alone - the balance was completely wrong with the boat rolling all over the place. Going over the Hayling bar like this in big breeze was a wild and scary ride!!
Chris M is correct she is one of the original batch of arrow Satisfactions - she was quick and light. Hopefully she is still in reasonable nick - should be ideal for tacking up the shore to Blackstone but might be a handful on a blasting reach to Gerston!! Happy sailing

Posted: 16/05/2020 10:29:17
Hi Peter, 
She is still called Mischief Maker and she's actually been fully restored by the Falmouth Marine Academy last year! That sounds like a scary but memorable experience! It'll be nice sailing something that's got a bit of charisma, especially down here. Its really interesting hearing about her history - especially from those who have sailed her. 
Thank you for letting me know all of this, its really interesting learning about her history! 

Posted: 16/05/2020 12:21:38
By: Elodie Grenen
I saw her being wheeled out at Falmouth when I was working at Rustlers back in the spring.
I had a couple of Merlin’s of that generation so feel free to give me a shout on the Tank if you need any help on puting it together.
Phil King has a second home in Salcombe, so when all this rubbish is over he might also be able to help.
For the anoraks, which I include myself, I guess that Harry Haynes Bosanova 2551 was the first Satisfaction built by Spud.  I seem to remember 2614  Baccarat was particularly fast in the hands of John Harris and afternoon him Ken Ellis ... I wonder what happened to her ... she had a lot of correctors for a wooden boat!
David Greening
Solo 5792  

Posted: 16/05/2020 16:49:19
By: David Greening
Hi David,
Thank you for your help - I'll definitely take you up on your offer! That's great Phil has a second home down here, it'd probably be nice seeing the boat out in restored condition! It'll be great to get out on the water, especially sailing something different to a Laser.
Thank you again! Hopefully we'll be sailing soon! 

Posted: 16/05/2020 18:04:07
By: Elodie Grenen
Hi - it is lovely to hear that Mischief Maker is still being used.  I sailed her with my Dad, Roger Bayliss, in the early 1980’s in Redditch, Worcs on Arrow Valley Lake.  We did also sail in Salcombe Week a couple of times.  Strangely enough I was taking to my husband about the boats Dad owned earlier today and that Mischief Maker was my favourite.  When we had her the hull was red.  When next in Salcombe I will be looking out for Mischief Maker 

Posted: 28/12/2020 19:09:52
By: Sally Smith
There appears to be a bit of confusion regarding the above boat.
As far as i am aware MR 2578 Mischief Maker belongs to Geof Lea who lives in Redditch.
Geof  and myself were members of Redditch Sailing Club and sailed regularly at Arrow Valley Lake and at Salcombe.
Geof like myself have not sailed for a number of years.
The boat MR 2578 Mischief Maker is presently stored and layed up on Geof front garden.
Geof confirms he has all the required documentation for the boat.
 Reffering to Sallys comments i think he may have purchased the boat from Roger Bayliss  

Posted: 02/01/2021 11:46:44
By: Sid Bagshaw


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