Topic : Merlin Week update 30/3/2020.

Merlin Week 2021: The dates for Merlin Week 2021 are: 4th-9th July 2021.

Merlin Week 2020: We are consciously deferring a verdict on the viability of Merlin Week 2020, presently. We will take a decision accounting for the best available information at the time and if practicable, factoring in holiday accommodation contractual deadlines, for many of you. 
On best forecast, we will take a view during May, given the above. But much will also depend on the HMG guidance which we can discern is likely to be extant in July 2020 and immediately prior. Equally, if it becomes clear we can take a view before May, we will.

In the meantime, our sincere continued very best wishes to you all, during this World tidal gate.

Graham Cranford Smith
Simon Dobson 
David Greening
pp Salcombe Yacht Club
m: (GCS) 07803 290201 

Posted: 30/03/2020 14:08:24
Understand all the problems but just for info  we need to pay our cottage final instalment  by May 2 nd 
Hope you are all keeping well 

Posted: 30/03/2020 14:53:33
By: Logan
Perhaps speaking out of turn, but I suspect that it would be helpful to PM Graham with any details of dates that are critical to your bookings, I know that SYC has taken soundings from the obvious rental agencies.
I have a booking for a family villa in Majorca in June final payment due next week ... so I understand your concerns.
Keep safe my friends.
woof woof 

Posted: 30/03/2020 17:01:34
By: David Greening
With respect to letting agents.  
We have a fully paid letting in Pwllheli for the now cancelled youth nationals starting this weekend.  As Govt guidance is not to travel the particular agent (Sykes - who I think own coast and country) is offering all bookings to be rebooked for any date in the next two years.  If this is industry practice then this clearly maybe helps a later decision, particularly given Merlin week is in Salcombe every year...  
Alas we don’t have a reason to be travelling to Pwllheli in the next two years so our money may be gone / the matter is in the hands of my insurers... 

Posted: 31/03/2020 21:50:42
By: John Meadowcroft
Thank you for that info Graham. Let us hope that the booking agents are a little flexible on the accommodation bookings! If it is cancelled this year, let us hope we can book the same accommodation for next year without putting down another deposit! We shall see! I have to pay the balance on May 2nd.

Posted: 01/04/2020 17:09:03
By: Barry Dunning
I’m sure all will stand by the decision that is made.  In four weeks time we will learn and know so much more of this situation.  My balance is due on the 30/05/2020.  Thanks for the info SYC and we look forward to hearing more soon.

Posted: 02/04/2020 19:00:42
By: Scallywag
Bottom Line Barry is that if your not going, neither will anyone else (public) and as a force majeure anyone who has paid out has a case, but not sure how those holding the cash will see it. No doubt GCS and his team have all in hand and all will become clear very soon. Logic with bookings for owners is roll to 2021 and hope your on the list. We have new B14s waiting to hit the water plus new Merlin kit and currently on total lockdown as on the risk list. Means the back half of the season could be manic if we get the chance and Covid-19 sorted

Posted: 02/04/2020 22:33:58
By: barnsie
Just came across this, and copied from Salcombe Yacht Club page:
MERLIN WEEK 2020 HAS BEEN POSTPONED: REVISED NOTICE OF RACE TO FOLLOW. Sorry everyone: we have had to postpone Merlin Week 2020 to 4th-9th July 2021. It has proved impossible for us to run the event safely as well as fulfil our social obligations to the Salcombe community.

Posted: 16/05/2020 19:43:36
By: Steve M


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