Topic : New Rudder Design

Here's a look at a next generation rudder, similar in many ways. Different in others. Note the change of width, slightly lower than on others on the market. A nice low drag shape. Can be made to fit any boat or stock.

Posted: 21/10/2019 19:16:12
The shape looks ok, just wondering about the Fence, interesting position for it and at what point does a Fence become a Wing?

Posted: 22/10/2019 10:28:27
By: Stuart Bates
Have we got any clarity on the whole fence foil thing yet? I'm looking at getting a new rudder made but would like to know what is and isn't allowed under the rules. 

Posted: 15/01/2020 10:34:38
By: do different
Also at the head the stock appears to go below the surface according to the drawing with the cut out projecting below the w/l. Is the a variation of the Dan Holman design??

Posted: 15/01/2020 15:44:20
By: Barnsie
We are currently working with the RYA to sort this out.
As soon as we have something to report we will. I would say that the rudder pictured is unlikely to be considered legal either now or in the future. 
The RYA are our measurement authority and while any class or committee member can offer an opinion on measurement or equipment developments their response is just that - an opinion. If you would like a definitive response on any measurement issue its the RYA you need to speak to really.

Posted: 15/01/2020 18:16:10
By: Chris M
  If the fence is angled slightly downwards won't this pull the stern of the boat down ? I would have thought that would 1. create drag and 2. Not be wanted in lighter winds ?

Posted: 16/01/2020 10:09:03
By: RH
So jungle drums say the rya have made a ruling on a protest? Can we have some clarity? Can I get a fence put on my new rudder as it's clearly a beneficial thing to do? Can we see the ruling?

Just after some clarity in the mist

Posted: 14/02/2020 09:31:39
By: Do different


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