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Hi All. Please see below an article relating to the future of Aldenham SC. While I'm not aware of any Merlins at Aldenham currently, anyone who has sailed Cadets in their youth has probably sailed there at some time and the club has a proud history.  At Wembley we're keen to help our near neighbours if we can. We'll try to keep you posted as to any developments and please feel free to share the link to this news article. If there is a petition raised or anyone wants to object to the plans when the developer issues their request for planning then we'll try to point you in the right direction.  It would be a real shame to see this active club cease to exist.

Posted: 13/08/2019 21:43:01
This is a real shame, several of us, still racing at different venues around the country spent our formative years at Aldenham Sailing Club, and owe a lot to the enthusiasm of ASC sailors like Ken Ellis, Barry Steel and Bret Dingwall.  

One of the club’s founders was Ian Proctor, and it was one of the earliest Cadet Squadrons.  In its heyday there was a club fleet of 40+ Merlins and a Silver Tiller saw 50+ boats on as many acres.

Merlin Sailing took a big knock when a steamroller was resurfacing the path on the top of the dam causing structural damage in the late 70’s.  The water level had to be dropped permanently, which severely limited where you could sail with a centreboard down.

I guess that a development company is able to do this as a result of relaxing planning controls in the green belt.

Great shame though.

Posted: 14/08/2019 11:37:14
By: David Greening
One of the few clubs that had winter sailing in the late 50's.  Went there from Hampton crewing in Merlin a couple of winters.  God was it cold , no wet suits in those days!  Aldenham was home club of Leslie Dyball and his one off "Slippery Sam".

Posted: 18/08/2019 09:07:44
By: Mike Liggett


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