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Happy New Year to everyone.
I am delighted to announce that the Aspire 2019 Champs website IS NOW OPEN. And thanks to Aspire, Looe SC and to all of our associate sponsors for their early confirmation of continued support for us in 2019. Because of this support I am pleased to say that our Social programme is already well developed. I hope you like the look of what we have so far. We are working on more ideas and watch out for the Fancy Dress Questionnaire that will follow later this year. If there is something we have missed or that you would like us to consider, please let us know - [email protected]
We have tried to make the site as simple as possible and laid it out to work on smartphone, tablet or laptop. The site menu is still displayed at the top of the Home page, to show you what's available. At present, the shortcuts will not take you directly to site pages. Please scroll through the site to see all of the info. (We are working on this.)
What can we offer you this year:
   * Loyalty discount for 2018 Champs Competitors
   * Early Entry discounts (Entry and payment before 1 May 2019)
   * Online Entry. Please let us know how/if this works for you
   *Daily prizes, spread throughout the fleet, courtesy of Harken, English Braids and Magic Marine 
   *Creation Covers - Ice Cream Sunday
   *HD Sails - spinnaker auction (details to be published)
   * Winder Ranelagh champagne - for the lucky (skillful) 21
   *Crew massage - from WTF
We look forward to welcoming back all of our 2018 competitors and hope that you will persuade a few more of your fellow sailors to join in the 2019 National's Experience - a champs for everyone.
If you haven't already, please get your accommodation booked. 
Ian and Angela 

Posted: 04/01/2019 11:13:16
By: Ian Mackenzie
First 2 entries in - both received online. Many thanks.

Posted: 04/01/2019 20:38:58
By: Ian Mackenzie
Hi All. Now up to 3 entries - all received through the online option. Terrific.
One quick note; we now ask for Helm and Crew Date of Birth. Please be aware, Mr Google has forced us to use the US date format - mm/dd/yyyy in his form.
Cheers Ian

Posted: 05/01/2019 09:18:53
By: Ian Mackenzie
If you own an older Merlin and have just hopped over from the Salcombe 2020 thread, welcome and thanks.
As you will already have seen, we are now up to 21 entries for Looe this year. Not quite Salcombe entry rate but nevertheless I am delighted with the reponse so far from first-timers, re-entrants and older boats alike.
Only 59 places left!
So what can I say to persuade you, the owners of afficianado Merlins that we can offer you something too. My first suggestion is that you can enjoy some fantastic, peer group Merlin competition and get all the flavour of a Nationals. How so:
We already have entries from 2, 90's Canterbury Tales and I am promised a 3rd.
Both 3555 and 3582, Mk 1 Winders will be at the Champs, with youth helms and, fingers crossed, we may have more teams from the NSSA.
So, already plenty of peer group competition.
Of course, we would like more of you. What will you get :
All the fun of a Nationals start and racing with the main fleet.
Qualification for ALL of the Daily Prizegiving awards  and, who knows; The Buttercup Trophy. Heavyweights Trophy.
If we get 10 plus Bronze Fleet boats older than 3571, we will look at additional glassware/awards.
What you will NOT get is being left out on the water for hours after the "main" fleet or chased up to get back to the start line for a second race without the chance of a break.  The "Whiskey" flag (see the NoR) will be used judiciously so that if your boat speed is off the pace or your tactical choices are unfortunate, you will not spend an extra 40 minutes racing but can come ashore with the whole fleet or reposition in a civilised manner for a second race, You will all get a finish
Enter before 1st May in a boat older than 3571 and you get 9 races plus a Crew's Race and all the fun of a Nationals without running yourselves into the ground or punishing your tender Merlin. All for just £190.
I hope we can see some of you in the dinghy park. 
Come and try us this year. See which peer group you can "Aspire" to and, if response is promising, of course we can look at what we do for Tenby next year. 

Posted: 28/01/2019 16:25:37
By: Ian Mackenzie
Just to let you all know, there appears to be a small glitch on the Champs website at the moment.
If you open the site you will get an Error Message displaying along the top line. This does not appear to interfere with the operation of the site and the "Online Entry" link is still working fine.
The team are on the case and I will let you know when we have resolved the problem. 

Posted: 27/02/2019 18:10:15
By: Ian Mackenzie
Champ Site error message - update.
I am pleased to say that our world class computer guru, aide-de-camp to Bill Gates and all round good egg (unpaid) has found the problem. We need to update the software! This is happening as I type. In the meantime, you can still use the Champs site (amended NoR uploaded) and you may safely ignore the Error Message displayed at the top of the Home page. I will let you know when the computer jiggery pokery is complete.

Posted: 28/02/2019 15:43:44
By: Ian Mackenzie
First - SGC (Senior Gremlin Crusher NOT Stargate Command) has defeated the devious processes within the Champs website and, for now, we are back up and running. Please keep your entries coming in.
Second - to clarify recent questions over spinnaker numbers, please check out the latest version of the Champs NoR.
You can also access the NoR from the Champs website

Posted: 28/02/2019 18:23:28
By: Ian Mackenzie
Morning Everyone. Now that it's 2 April, I can safely post this. 
Can I remind everyone that to take advantage of the "Loyalty" or "Early" Entry discount your Entry AND Payment must be received by 1 May ie no later than midnight 30 April.

Please check out the Champs site, Entry.

Cheers Ian

Posted: 02/04/2019 08:48:31
By: Ian Mackenzie
OK, I know that for 60 teams you are now totally focussed on what is looking like a highly competitive, not to mention potentially frisky, Salcombe Silver Tiller but can I just put some markers down for when you are recovering, resting and relaxing next week:
         Only 40 places left for the Looe Nationals!
         From Monday, only 16 days left to claim your "Loyalty" or "Early Entry" discount
         Kit auction - this year we are being supported by Technical Marine Services and HD Sails
         Watch out for details of the TMS Pole launcher kit offer and a not to be missed repeat of Andy and Jim's HD          Spinnaker offer . Full details to follow.
You could have pole-launchers fitted and a brand new spinnaker all in time for your Salcombe Week and Nationals campaign. 

Posted: 11/04/2019 14:23:05
By: Ian Mackenzie
Good morning everyone. Hope you had a safe trip back from a breezy and testing Salcombe Silver Tiller.
Just a quick update and reminder.
News of the TMS spinnaker pole and pole-launcher kit auction will be announced very soon - please watch this space.
In our continued concern for your financial welfare - please spread the word. "Loyalty" and "Early Entry" discounts end midnight 30th April - just 15 days time. Only 40 place left!.
Older boats, as per post above, we are now up to 3, <3571 Bronze fleet entries; 3482, 3448 and 3442. So, just 7 more and you will get your own mini-fleet to race in.
Cheers Ian 

Posted: 16/04/2019 10:22:57
By: Ian Mackenzie
TMS EZi Launcher - full twin-pole fitting kit

As promised, here it is, courtesy of TMS (Technical Marine Supplies), Spinlock and Marlow - a complete outfit for upgrading to a full self-launching spinnaker capability complete with new poles. How could you possible pass on this?

What do you have to do? What do you get?

1. Check the full details here - TMS Auction

2. Bidding Opens Wed 18th April. Email bids to - [email protected]

3. Last bid at midnight, Sun 28th April

4. The lucky winner will be contacted Mon 29th April and has until Sun 5th May to make payment.

5. Please read the terms here - TMS Auction

Good luck and please get bidding

Posted: 17/04/2019 18:26:55
By: Ian Mackenzie
Just in case you viewed the TMS offer and thought it was only for skinny masts, please check out the revised details here - TMS Auction
Please specify what size mast fitting you need when sending us your bid.
Bids to [email protected]  Offer closes midnight Sunday 28th April

Posted: 18/04/2019 16:19:05
By: Ian Mackenzie
Happy At George's Day. Entries heading towards 50, so only 30 places left AND Early Entry and Loyalty discounts end in just 7 days. Please remember, we must have your Entry AND Payment by the 30th April to qualify.
Champs site shows all entries received as at 10.00 today. We will be checking bank receipts this week.
If you think you have entered but are not on the Champs Entries list, please contact me.
Cheers Ian

Posted: 23/04/2019 09:59:03
By: Ian Mackenzie
Entries now passing 53, with the winner of the Magic Marine competition to be announced shortly.

Please remember, Loyalty and Early Entry Discounts END at midnight tomorrow. Entry Form AND payment must be with us by midnight 30 April.

Thanks to TMS for the pole launcher auction and congratulations to the winning bidder, Andrew Gardiner.

Only 26 places left for the 2019 Aspire Merlin Rocket Nationals.

Posted: 29/04/2019 13:48:58
By: Ian Mackenzie
Afficianado Merlins - re my post of 28 Jan - we now have 4 wooden boat entries older than 3571.
So, we just need 6 more to create your own, Concours D'Elegance mini fleet but still sail within the full Nationals competition.
So, if you can enter today you will get the full Merlin Nationals experience, 9 series races plus Crew's Race, enjoy the socials and get to compete against your peer group boats.
All this for just £190? (Enter by midnight/ hull number 3571 or less).
Come on - feel the noise

Posted: 30/04/2019 07:48:16
By: Ian Mackenzie
Brilliant work Ian 57 entries before end of April.  Excellent stuff
And still 13 1/2 hours to go
Can't wait  

Posted: 30/04/2019 10:39:01
By: Logan
Stop Press. 63rd entry just received. Only 17 places left.
Don't miss this year's HD Spinnaker Auction. Details to be announced very shortly.
Families - please see Lucy's post and check out the full social programme.

Posted: 10/06/2019 20:19:35
By: Ian Mackenzie
Good afternoon everyone. Just some quick housekeeping now that the Summer Mag is on its way and before you are entirely consumed by Salcombe Week. Please keep watching this thread as I will be posting links to useful Looe Info immediately after Salcombe but, for the meantime;
   1. As we speak - only SIXTEEN places left.
   2. Draft Sailing Instructions are now available - Draft Sailing Instructions  or see Champs website; Race    Docs    and click the icon
   3.  As per the Summer Mag, we will have an On Water Jury at Salcombe and Looe. Check out the guidelines they    will be following:
      and, for the definitive World Sailing interpretations 
 And, finally for now, remember that the HD Spinnaker Auction is now OPEN. Do not miss this chance to bag a new spinnaker in time for Salcombe and the Nationals and save a few bob in the process - HD Summer Madness
Cheers Ian 

Posted: 19/06/2019 13:19:13
By: Ian Mackenzie
Only 16 places left.
Only 6 days  for you to get your entry at the Standard fee - £270 (NB Discounts still available).
Don't wait until July to make up your mind - it will cost you an extra £30!
Link to Entry Form here - Aspire 2019 Nationals

Posted: 24/06/2019 11:33:18
By: Ian Mackenzie
Only 4 days left to get your Entry at Standard Fee.
Certificates and Class Membership
Yes, it's that time of year when I remind you all:
 Every boat MUST have a Certificate (in the Owner's Name)
Every Boat Owner MUST be a member of the MROA
Every helm (if not the boat owner) MUST be a member of the MROA.
We are checking Membership and RYA Certification records as I type.
Equipment Inspection
This is the new name (thank you World Sailing, see RRS 92.2) for what we all used to call, "Scrutineering".
I will be publishing this year's guidelines shortly. Fear not, they should bear a remarkable similarity to what you have been asked to complete previously.
And we will make sure the process is as painless as possible. BUT you need to provide your Certificate to the Equipment Inspectors AND at Registration. Thank you.

Posted: 26/06/2019 11:48:04
By: Ian Mackenzie
Now, only 15 places left.
Huge welcome to Jemma and Sel.
Please remember, Standard Entry closes at midnight Sunday 30th June.
Don't waste your beer tokens, enter NOW

Posted: 29/06/2019 15:25:30
By: Ian Mackenzie
I know, you are all busy packing for Salcombe - so are we. But I just wanted to get this out to you in case you want to chat over a beer in SYC.
1. RYA Boat Certificate checks nearly completed, many thanks. Just 1 to chase up now.
2.  MROA Membership - check in progress. The "Boat Owner" MUST be an MROA Member. If you are a helm borrowing a boat, you MUST be an MROA Member too.
3. Nationals Race Management Policy and Protest Committee Policy -  both documents now available from the Champs site, Race Docs page and via the links attached here.
I welcome any queries you may have either about why we have these or about what they mean.
Have a good Salcombe. If you know anyone teetering on the edge of joining us at Looe, please give them a push. 

Posted: 04/07/2019 10:33:28
By: Ian Mackenzie
Breaking News - 66 entries. I know of 2 more possibles. Can you help us make 70? Come on feel the noise.
Draft SIs just updated. Full info on the Champs site but you can also link from here.
And if you check out the MR Facebook page, you can vote in the most important issue of the day - what theme do you want for the Fancy Dress.
Keep watching the Forum. We will be posting more details on the social programme shortly. Remember the Aspire Friday Night Party. This will now include a "Cornish Supper" for just £5 each.
Creation Covers' Ice Cream Sunday supplier, Gibson's, subjected to extensive mystery consumer checking last Saturday. Tasted excellent.
See you in Looe. 

Posted: 16/07/2019 16:44:05
By: Ian Mackenzie

The Harken Grand Slam Supporters Award

How would you like to win a £250 voucher to spend on Harken hardware?

Do you have to buy tickets?

How do you enter the draw?


It’s all very easy.

·         Qualify for the Silver Tiller and you will get 5 free tickets

·         Complete additional Silver Tiller Events and get an extra, free ticket for each event

·         Take part in the 2019 Nationals and you will get 3 free tickets

·         Take part in the Inlands and you will get 3 free tickets

The Harken Grand Slam Supporters Award will be drawn at the Silver Tiller Dinner, Blithfield SC on 19th October 2019.

We still have some places at the Nationals, plenty of Silver Tiller events to attend, please join us for the Inlands at Grafham.

Please remember to thank Harken.

Posted: 19/07/2019 12:30:32
By: Ian Mackenzie
Exciting times - we have just printed and laminated your course cards for this year's nautical bonanza. So, it must be about time to direct your thoughts to matters practical:
How do I get my precious to the dinghy park?
How do I get my pride and joy through Equipment Inspection?
Fear not, help is at hand. Arrival Guidance - Seasoned Looers will know that this is akin to threading the eye of a needle but we can guarantee that all marks of Winder and Turner (and now Fildes) will fit down Fore Street albeit occasionally lubricated by passing holidaymakers. To refresh your memories and for Looe virgins you can check out ARRIVAL GUIDANCE on the Race Docs page of the Champs website. Looe SC's organisation is a well-oiled (I've seen them drinking) machine and your trailer will be unloaded in minutes (if not seconds). Please just take a moment to read the guide. Your trailer must be taken away immediately to a separate storage area (no additional charge).
Equipment Inspection? Yes, you do remember correctly. We used to call this Scrutineering. I am afraid Mr RYA changed the rules in 2017 and we have just caught up (courtesy of our tame Judge, David) with the "proper" terminology. Any changes? Not really? A little bit more formalised but you should recognise the paperwork and the process. Just to remind you all, a guide to EQUIPMENT INSPECTION is also on the Race Docs page. The target time for checking each boat is <7 minutes, so please be ready. The routine will be under the careful control of Chris Martin. Beware, he may well be approaching some of you to seek some voluntary assistance. The more happy helpers we have, the sooner we can complete the routines.
And finally, for now. Please keep watching this space. We have just secured yet another willing sponsor and we have a new "Team award" to announce.
Want to take part in this fun-filled week of sea, sand and celebration? Only 14 places left. Get your entry in NOW 

Posted: 21/07/2019 15:41:22
By: Ian Mackenzie
In case you haven't been following Facebook, by a 78%/28% margin on 78 votes, the 2019 Fancy Dress theme is BOAT NAMES. Thanks to everyone who voted. Can't wait to see Fran's costume.

Posted: 22/07/2019 08:15:27
By: Ian Mackenzie
As promised, please find details of the new competition within the 2019 Aspire Nationals. Prizes courtesy of Act Independent (Andy Dalby) -  ACT Independent has been set up to provide a brand new and amazing service for owners of holiday properties. If you own a holiday cottage, or know someone who does, please point them in Andy's direction for a comprehensive, marketing, booking and management system without commission.
The Aspire Admiral's Challenge Award
 So, how will this work?
         *   The whole fleet will be divided into teams  of 3
         *   Teams will be announced at the Saturday Looe Race Briefing 
         *   At the end of the week, the team with the lowest cumulative score will receive:-
         *   6 Bottles of port
And why "Admirals", well I couldn't resist the oportunity to list a few famous (and some infamous) naval officers and I'm pretty sure most of then drank quite a lot of port!
So, thank you Andy and ACT Independent. Remember, team racing rules are not allowed but you are encouraged to use your team members experience and advice to your best advantage.
Have fun and let me know  at the end of the week if you think we should repeat the award inn 2020.

Posted: 22/07/2019 13:04:06
By: Ian Mackenzie
Online Entry/Late Entry Hi everyone. Judging by the almost universal use of the online, google form this has been very popular and an overwhelming success. We had 2 objectives in introducing this system:
1. To make it easier for you to enter
2. To make it quicker/more accurate for us to transfer your entry info into a spreadsheet record AND then to use that info to prepare a "data file" for direct import of competitors into Sailwave.
Of course, for objective 2 to work, we do need entrants to input all the info requested, without spelling errors and not change anything afterwards. It nearly worked!
In an effort to minimise your time at Registration I will be emailing some of you to correct/collect the required info where necessary. If you could let me know the answers by email, we will be able to correct your entries before Registration and hence simplify the process/increase accuracy. Many thanks in anticipation.
Very Late Entry No, there is no extra charge for this and, for those of you still resolving work schedules, negotiating domestic release or just waiting to see if we have a favourable weather forecast, it is not a problem and you are welcome to enter on the day.
1. The club need to let Looe Town Council know how many car park spaces we need. So, if you could let me know you MIGHT be coming late, that would be really helpful.
2. Payment - for those who wish to pay "on the day", please can I warn you that we will only be able to take CASH. So "Late Entry Fee" and any MROA membership fees will need you to obtain the old-fashioned, wrinkly stuff.
Thank you everyone 

Posted: 24/07/2019 15:53:33
By: Ian Mackenzie
Late Entry Accommodation at Looe.
Considering joining us at this late stage? Fantastic.
Worried about accommodation? We have a helm with 2 x single rooms available in his cottage at very reasonable cost.
For details, contact me at mrnationals at

Posted: 29/07/2019 10:09:02
By: Ian Mackenzie
Okay everyone? Time is pressing so let's keep this really simple. Please add the following to your Looe checklist:

1. If you are an "Owner" or a "Helm" and are not an MROA member please contact Colin. You can join at Registration BUT you will need to pay CASH. Thank you

2. Daily Prizegiving Sun - Thu will be at 21.00. For full details click - Daily Prizes Check out the details. Do NOT miss your chance to win one of the 3 prizes to be drawn every day.

3. For those who wish to plan their social/catering schedule; please click Social Programme for the latest planned timings.

4. To keep you up to date during the week, we will be taking advantage of the "Whats App Broadcast Service". Do not be surprised if you get a message from me asking you to join Whats App. If you do not want to join or if your mobile still uses carrier pigeons - not a problem. We will add yu to a separate list for text messages.

5. Bring your Certificate with you. You will need it for Equipment Inspection AND Registration

Posted: 01/08/2019 07:06:39
By: Ian Mackenzie
More News
1. Sailing Instructions have now been Published Click on this link or you can get them from the Race Docs page on the Champs site. Unless you specifically request a copy, we do NOT intend to provide printed versions for every competitor. A full copy will also be available on the Official Notice Board (ONB)
2. I have now finished checking all of the entry details. Please can you check your mailboxes for a query from "[email protected]". If you are a lucky recipient, please can you let me have the details requested so that we can make Registration as painless as possible? Many thanks.
3. Your Resource Pack (available at Registration) will have a laminated Course Card, copy of the Social Programme and details of the Daily Prizegiving. Plus lots more.
Only 14 days till we launch. 

Posted: 04/08/2019 13:22:46
By: Ian Mackenzie
Well, this is going swimmingly!
Check your entry details. By a cunning combination of Mr Google and Mr Excel, we have managed to collate most of your entry details AND get it loaded into Sailwave. Please check out this link Entry List to make sure we have spelled everything correctly AND allocated you to the correct subsidiary trophies. Please note, the age related trophies have been calculated from your recorded Dates of Birth. So, if they are wrong please answer my request for details. You know who you are. The process did manage to corrupt some of the dates; one of our renowned and illustrious helms is still in his mother's womb apparently and others of you are 119.
Champs Results You can also access the Entry List from the Champs website - Champs/Results and click non the 2019 Nationals Results option. I will update this page as we receive your final corrections. And, "No" your Admirals Challenge buddy teams will not appear until the end of Registration - keep sweating. The port is locked away and your glasses are being engraved.
And More Prizes Courtesy of North Sails, we now have three discount vouchers for the fleet - total value £225. Details of how and when you can win these will be released next week.
See you soon. 

Posted: 08/08/2019 15:14:22
By: Ian Mackenzie
So, a quiet Sunday afternoon in Looe and we can re-assure you that the Gibson's ice cream is still delicious, Pengelley's still sell first class fresh fish and The Salutation still has cracking ale. We thought we'd come down a week early to get into the swing of things.
Two things re access. We have tested the website directions and they do work. When you get to the traffic lights in Fore Street, you can ignore the "Max Width 6' 6" sign.
Weekly parking at the Mill Pool Car Park is now £39.69. You have to pay by card. You can use an app, JustPark, or pay over the phone.
I will best the WhatsApp system in a minute and send you all a link to the app.
Hope we survive till Friday! The first 2 Merlins are here 😊

Posted: 11/08/2019 17:10:31
By: Ian Mackenzie
So, a quiet Sunday afternoon in Looe and we can re-assure you that the Gibson's ice cream is still delicious, Pengelley's still sell first class fresh fish and The Salutation still has cracking ale. We thought we'd come down a week early to get into the swing of things.
Two things re access. We have tested the website directions and they do work. When you get to the traffic lights in Fore Street, you can ignore the "Max Width 6' 6" sign.
Weekly parking at the Mill Pool Car Park is now £39.69. You have to pay by card. You can use an app, JustPark, or pay over the phone.
I will best the WhatsApp system in a minute and send you all a link to the app.
Hope we survive till Friday! The first 2 Merlins are here 😊

Posted: 12/08/2019 09:20:59
By: Ian Mackenzie
Morning All. Not long now. We are starting to get queries about early arrival/trailer and boat storage. Please check the Arrival Guidance on the Champs Site. Trailers are not allowed in the dinghy park. You must offload boat/trolley and take trailer to F.J.Ede and Sons, West Wayland Caravan Park, West Wayland Farm, Nr Looe, Cornwall, PL13 2JS. About 2 miles west of Looe. Please text me to advise ETA and I will let the Looe team know. Cheers

Posted: 14/08/2019 10:04:05
By: Ian Mackenzie
Hi All,
Well, I'm afraid yet again that is it for this year.
Many thanks to a cast of literally hundreds ( when you count MROA Committee and members, our sponsors, Looe SC members and, of course, our entrants. Please all give yourselves a round of applause.
If you enjoyed Looe, please come to Tenby next year
 And even better, please bring just one more boat per club.
Look forward to seeing you all in Tenby 8-14 August 2020.
Happy sailing for the rest of this season. Best wishes Ian and Angela

Posted: 24/08/2019 19:01:25
By: Ian Mackenzie


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