Topic : Classic boats at the Bartley ST

Big, Big thanks to Carl Whitehill and Stuart Harris who along with their crews came to fly the classic flag at the Bartley ST in a pair of NSM IIs (Tango Two and Purple Dreams.
Taste of things too come?? (It's be nice) 

Posted: 11/03/2018 20:21:46
By: Chris Martin
Thanks Chris, have to admit to a not so classic rig which has come together with plenty of support from the Midland Fleet.
There must be more of these classics lurking away in garage's just waiting for a wash, maybe a fresh suit of sails from the secondhand list, these boats don't need to be pristine they need to be serviceable and most of all Sailed - IMO!

Posted: 11/03/2018 21:28:24
By: CarlW
And don't forget Mike Colles in 3530. Great to see wooden boats out racing in the Merlin fleet.

Posted: 12/03/2018 07:54:31
By: Ian Mackenzie
Thanks, we had a great time. Just FYI, Purple Dreams is NSM 1!! Just need to patch her up for our open on 15th April. Look forward to seeing everyone there.

Posted: 18/03/2018 12:10:52
By: Rebecca Baker
Hi Rebecca 
I know this thread is a little late but I just thought I’d comment on 3229 Purple Dreams. From what I know of the boat this NSM was built by Richard Pierce of Franklin Eldridge. I don’t know if this was  Richards own boat or one built for a customer but he is an absolutely fantastic craftsman and would have been built to the highest standards. I believe that Richard raced it at South Windermere against Steve Goacher. I was too young to be allowed to have a go in the Merlin at the time but instead Richard encouraged me to sail his equally beautiful lay built National 12. It obviously had a lasting effect as after more decades that I care to think I now race a Merlin myself!!! 

Posted: 14/01/2020 13:05:55
By: Stephen Crowder
As a further update I spoke to Richard about Purple Dreams and he commented that he built the Merlin, for Ian Gilliat in 1982. It was an NSM. He borrowed it and won the Coniston Crown Paints regatta in 84, in a handicap fleet of 120 boats!

Posted: 15/01/2020 13:44:14
By: Stephen Crowder


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