Topic : Mainsail and jib for metal mast WANTED for CARNAC

Hi, I participate to CARNAC with newly renovated 1711, but her sails where made in 1964...

Does anybody still have spare old sails (luff 587 cm) - I would say nr 3200 or less - for free or 100 pounds or less ?

Please bring them to CARNAC or give them to an attendee ! 

Posted: 14/04/2017 09:46:27
Bonjour Francois,
Unfortunately for you the rig proportions for older boats were different from those used these days.  Nearly all boats built over the last 30 years have the following size sails;
Luff 5.720m
Foot 2.503m
Jib area 2.80 sq m
I have sails of this size in reasonable condition which you are welcome to for the cost of a drink in the bar, but the luff will be 11cm short and - more difficult, the foot may be too long for your boom.  Anyway let me know if you want them. Email might be best [email protected] 
I do hope you get sorted with sails and look forward to seeing you at Carnac. 

Posted: 27/04/2017 08:08:32
By: Dan Alsop MR 3539


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