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I'm a bit of lurker here. I just heard the sad news about Bewl Valley Sailing Club having to shut down due to an untenable £160K a year rent for a members sailing club?
Just sharing, maybe someone who reads this can raise the profile a bit.
Kind regards, Melanie Hardman 

Posted: 24/06/2015 14:45:32
Shame, but unfortunately, it is what can happen if you are not the owner/landlord. Has the council/water authority decided they have a more beneficial use fro the siet?

Posted: 24/06/2015 15:04:41
By: Barnsie
How sad. I cannot believe the landlord will recover any of this £160k through any club nowso they have lost all the revenue - how crazy, why do that?? - (the bean counters strike again!). I see the club has lots of RYA logo's endorsements etc, surely the RYA should be working hard to resolve this (or is that a silly question?).

Posted: 24/06/2015 16:20:17
By: Dave C
Nothing to do with the Council or water authority, the landlord is David Sullivan who said that he owns Bewl Water and that the sailing club is just one of the tenants there.
Mr Sullivan has a  reported worth of some £850 million and is better known for newspapers and a minor footie club.
The insanity was whoever signed a lease in 2008 with aannual rent set at £160,000.

Posted: 24/06/2015 16:44:32
By: RichardT


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