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Hi all,
Hannah and I are moving to Bath, which sadly means we have to leave Wembley (a properly brilliant Merlin club) :-(
However, we are probably going to join Chew Valley SC (another brilliant club but currently lacking in Merlins) and were wondering whether anyone lives around that neck of the woods and fancies joining us?!  I know the Cranford-Smiths are members already and thinking about getting down with their new boat.  It would be great to get some regular racing... 

Posted: 12/05/2015 19:39:11
Not entirely lacking in Merlins, I sail 3432 there on a regular basis, there are others (3 ? ) that do not. My experience is limited, but I would suggest that Chew is a cracking and potentially seriously challenging place to sail.
We sail in the A handicap, battling well sailed Scorps and 200s, but you may capable of more advanced warfare ?
You can rest assured that Mr Rose will evolve a club PY for you that will give you a fighting chance if you sail well. Have a look at that the recent Wednesday night results on the website to see the latest......FFs datum at 1000, we are on 1032.
In short come and have a look and a sail, call me should you wish on 07785 255990 or email on [email protected]

Posted: 14/05/2015 19:41:20
By: Rick Knapp
If you sail an older Merlin (6ft wide or less) then Shearwater at Warminster (less than half an hour from Bath) would be a good base - we have some of the oldest Merlins still around!

Posted: 27/05/2015 23:00:58
By: PatJ


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