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"Martin, Keith, everyone - please calm down!\r\nRob Cage's boat is perfectly OK. If it's sails aren't measured or it has a small 'Craftinsure' (there more free advertising for the sponsor of the Silver Tiller series) sticker on it somewhere, the the right way to behave is to politely ask the owner to sort it out. I don't think you are suggesting it doesn't measure.\r\nLets just stop this silly bickering and go sailing.\r\nSee you at Bourne End this weekend, Pat"

Posted: 04/12/2013 11:26:07
By: Magazine Man
"Please can you tell me is this boats results for the Demay ,River Series and Silver Tiller going to be disqualified from all advertised results, as it does not have a certificate, sails with advertising until last sunday, and has unmeasured sails"

Posted: 23/06/2014 09:43:11
By: martin hunter
So as you say a small advert on the sails is OK, however when they were asked in September 2013 to take it off, and Ben Marshall asked them to get the boat sorted out, I think 9 months notice, has been very generous, and there is still a protest from Minima last weekend outstanding Rule 69, this will be reported to the RYA, Until the AGM next month, adverts on sails no matter what size are wrong, and for boats to have unmeasured sails for over 15 months is wrong and for a boat to go without a certificate for the same amount of time, or is the general view that we don't have to the Paperwork , if so are we going to have any rules, the Merlin class has a very bad reputation, and I think your comment is wrong , when you didn't know the facts. All the fuss about 1065, its alright for one person to do it right but when it comes to a Partner of the Merlin Class , when he could not care a monkeys, perhaps the Committee should review this Partner. Martin

Posted: 26/06/2014 21:54:45
By: martin
I do not know the facts of this particular scenario,other than what is written above. However, the rules state that a boat must have a valid certificate for  it to race and comply with the said rules. By all means sail it, but you cannot race it.
I'm currently restoring Steppenwolf and have recently received it's certificate. The sail plan on the certificate is not the same as as what I propose to use, nor are there any signs of the correctors. Until the sail plan is amended on the certificate and the correctors fitted (or boat reweighed) it cannot be raced as a merlin rocket. Yes the sails may be the correct area, and the boat might be the correct weight but it does not match its certificate. Simply put it is out of class, as is any boat which is not sailing within the rules. 
The correct procedure is to protest at the time of the offence. When I was still young and pot hunting I wouldn't hesitate to protest an illegal boat. I would still do so today if the occasion arose.

Posted: 26/06/2014 22:33:27
By: Miles
Hi I did protest at the time, both on Saturday and Sunday when there were two separate events , both protests were on the start line quite clearly heard by everyone on the start line, but Minima did not hear the protest, and Ii have pointed this out to Minima, and am waiting a reply Martin

Posted: 26/06/2014 22:53:50
By: martin
i trust you all will be at the AGM to either vote in favour or against this advertisement ruling.
This is the reason i put the proposal in after racing against boats similar to the one in question i was told to keep quite at the time.
hope to see you all saturday
cheers ben 

Posted: 30/06/2014 11:49:09
By: Ben3688


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