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Dougal - did you get the photos of the Chippendale C-------r you asked me about?

Posted: 14/10/2013 10:14:58
By: Andy Hind
"I think that photo is long gone now which is real pity - I remember it well as the boat had a really nice looking mitre-cut mainsail, Ratsey I think it was. I will be clearing out his house soon so maybe I'll unearth it. Anyone know where 728 ""Spasmodic"" is?"

Posted: 14/10/2013 10:14:58
By: Andy Hind
"I did I did I did....and the article is looking great! I've some really 'interesting' shots to which will be added the picture of your boat - should be published some time next week. (It is an article looking the interplay between Austin Farrar, Peter Milne and Jack Chippendale.\r\n\r\nBTW Andy.... do I recall you mentioning a picture of your father sailing his Merlin (pre -rocket days?)\r\n\r\nCheers\r\n\r\nDougal"

Posted: 28/04/2014 21:36:45
By: Pure Magic
"Let me know next time you are in town Dougal. Still have a big box of pictures here, from the 80's and early 90's."

Posted: 02/05/2014 17:51:15
By: Nigel B


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