Topic : stalled middle tell tales

"Hi Brian\r\n\r\nWithout seeing whats happening but judging purely from what you have read i would say that you are probably not stiffening the lower part of the rig enough...?\r\n\r\nTry tweaking the lowers...?\r\n\r\nI would also advise that you set her up on land and sight up the rig while your crew or a trusted friend play with your rig tensioning controls and you will likely be able to see whether the mast is pre-bending, or inverting, whether it pulls to one side or the other.\r\n\r\nAll these will have a big effect on the shape and effectiveness of your main."

Posted: 23/08/2013 16:36:04
By: Gareth Griffiths Notting Hill Rigging Co
"Its not often i move the lowers while sailing. In fact i'm not convinced I've moved them since christmas!\r\n\r\nwhat mast is the sail cut for? If it's a baggy sail cut for a straight ally mast that may be the problem.\r\n\r\nIf the mast is a Superspar they are rather flexible low down, so you probably need more lowers than you may think - ""firmly add support"" is the general wisdom i think with no main up and some rig tension. However i have never had a problem getting tell tales to fly (I use the second one down for kicker purposes if i need to, the top one seems to fly regardless) so i think you may have a different, more basic problem with your rig."

Posted: 28/12/2013 17:59:06
By: Chris M
If it's the mast I sold with the boat then it's a Superspar.

Posted: 31/01/2014 23:47:26
Have switched to a carbon rig over last year or so and have found this especially quick in lighter conditions.\r\nHowever as the wind increases I am finding that the middle tell tale on the main begins stalling and have not been able to trim this out..\r\nI also find that reaching appears slower than previously and I am getting stripped by a Taser within the club which I am positive should not be happening!\r\nHaving previously been using a stiff alloy mast I beleive I have not gotten into the habit of utilising all of the rig controls to maximum benefit and am guessing that primarily not using the lowers dynamically is stalling the middle of the main.\r\nWould have loved the chances attend Rutland but am unable due to work and family. It's pretty difficult to see the mast bend objectively whilst hiking for dear life! Any advice or suggestions on this or ways to resolve this would be appreciated

Posted: 21/04/2014 16:01:46
By: Brian - 3496
"I think the sail was cut for a carbon rig, it's second hand but with sail number of 3600+ I think this is a safe bet. The mast itself is white carbon,not sure which builder though. It does appear very bendy although I guess anything does after an Ali rig!\r\nGuess I will try to rig a gopro on the boom below the tack sighting up the mast and back up the sail to give a better idea of what's happening. Not much help while sailing but may help with the post mortem.\r\nHave been reluctant to tension lowers too much and generally set them up on the beach and leave alone. Have to restep mast every sail as storage here is under cover."

Posted: 21/04/2014 16:01:46
By: Brian - 3496
Before you go to the expense of using the go-pro just have a look on land \r\n\r\nLay on the foredeck facing skywards and see what happens when you pull on tension.

Posted: 22/04/2014 20:10:16
"If the stalling is, as you say, when the wind increases, you could find that a gentle tweak on the Cunningham, just to reposition the lower third of the main may help. Together with the lowers it is the control that manages that section of the leech.\r\nGG"

Posted: 24/04/2014 17:28:39
By: Brian


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