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would any of you kind folks know where I can get hold of a transom template for an NSM4? I need to replace some de-laminated areas and think it might be best to do this by replacing the lower half of the transom from the top of the transom flaps down. any advice will be gratefully received.

Posted: 05/09/2012 16:34:05
By: Tim-3424
Tim, Can you not take a template from the existing transom? I know it is delaminated but it was still in one piece last time I saw it. Alternatively run some glue in there and clamp it up, then paint the transom. That is what I thought about doing before I decided to pass it on to someone else.

Posted: 05/09/2012 17:47:46
By: Jez3719
I have injected epoxy into it but it is so porous it is impossible to get the glue to stay in there. I have "bodged" it of for now with filler but it needs replacing. I can make a template but though it would be easier if someone had one I could borrow.

Posted: 05/09/2012 17:57:40
By: Tim-3424
It's possible (indeed likely) that NSM4's from different builders had a different plank lay-up.  If you don't want to take one from your dodgy transom probably finding someone else with an NSM4 and tracing it from there will be your best bet.  I don't think full-scale lines are easy to get hold of.

Posted: 05/09/2012 18:28:56
By: Andrew M
Have a look at Dave Fowler's piece on NSM 2 conversion.You could use carbon but I believe you will have to see the measurement man after.

Posted: 05/09/2012 19:31:42
By: broz
You are welcome to any measurements or templates off my NSM 4, Rowsell built, 3458,completed shortly after yours, I believe. I was under the impression that yours was subsequently modified in the stern quarters to reduce the stern wave properties, but you decide and let me know. My boat is at Tammy, and is as Spud built it.
Peter Fryer.

Posted: 05/09/2012 20:21:57
By: Peter Fryer....
Call Jacko, he has the NSM4 template in the workshop, or did have. He may even cut one out for you if you are lucky.

Posted: 06/09/2012 10:58:40
By: Mark Barnes
Thanks for all your input. Making a template is not an issue, I was looking for an easier option. I have a sheet  of perspex so I think my best option is to remove the ply from the transom and clamp the perspex to it and draw the template directly onto it.

Posted: 06/09/2012 11:10:17
By: Tim-3424
might as well mark straight on to the new ply; save multiplying the marking tolerance/error by two?

Posted: 06/09/2012 15:11:51
By: john


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