Topic : Salcombe Week Entry Refund


Does anyone know how much of a refund Salcombe YC offer on Merlin Week entries?

Chris W

Posted: 21/06/2012 12:30:49
By: Chris Whitehouse
I am not sure they do Chris. They normally have a list of people waiting for an entry and if they have will just swop the entry over and you should get a refund then. If there is not, I am not sure.

Are you not coming now then?

Posted: 21/06/2012 14:43:26
By: Jez3645
They refunded my entry in 2007 after I couldn't make it.  There was an admin fee but I can't remember what it was.

Posted: 21/06/2012 15:22:56
By: Richard (3233)
hopefully zilch as the club needs the money and does not need to be messed around.  personally i would be embarrassed to ask

Posted: 21/06/2012 20:41:45
By: john
Well John, personally speaking, I wasn't embarrassed to ask as I had a legitimate reason for not being able to attend that year, and it certainly wasn't a case of messing them around.

Posted: 21/06/2012 23:19:16
By: Richard (3233)
Soz you can't make the week but don't suppose your accommodation is booked for the last fri?

Posted: 22/06/2012 00:02:30
By: guy


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