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Hi all,

Last weekend I snapped my Chipstow mast, and therefore need to replace it.

Im led to believe there is a pretty long lead time on a new Chipstow.

1) Does anyone know of a decent second hand Chipstow available?
2) Can anyone give any thoughts on the other masts available? Selden, Superspars, Allen?


Posted: 18/06/2012 22:56:59
By: Andrew
Before worrying about a secondhand one have a word with Alan Jackstow about a repair he does a brilliant job and often quicker and cheaper than another mast - he usually does them while waiting for new masts to cure !

Posted: 19/06/2012 08:46:04
By: Piers
We've had our carbon rater mast repaired a number of times, with no ill effects.  
The sleeving also makes the mast stronger in the place it broke before

Posted: 20/06/2012 09:32:20
By: fribbs


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