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Hi all, 

So next Sunday 17th June I’m doing the London -> Bike ride (with a twist) as part of Scroggies magnificent Mar-key tent team. So London -> Brighton is 54 miles and features the big bumpy Surrey downs.

Here is the twist, upon arrival I will turn round and pedal the long lonely journey back. To make it a tad more interesting, I’ll be joined by Sadie Anderson as we are doing the whole thing on a tandem. Sadie will be in charge of sweets and savoury snacks + uphill parts.

Here are the extra facts :
• Absolutely no training – (standard)
• I have never ridden a tandem
• We haven’t seen the bike yet + understand it’s a bit old….
• No sense of direction

It’s all for a great cause – Sadie and myself are aiming to raise £150 for the British Heart Foundation – and would be delighted if we can top that.

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Posted: 08/06/2012 10:13:36
By: Andy Dalby
Tried to put a message on your JustGiving page but the technology defeated me, will go for it here instead & bump your post as well
Go for it - there and back is a bit of a challenge even with a bit of training, have done it a few years back & my top tips are to keep eating and drinking because you need the fuel & not to go too quickly up the 1st bit of Ditchling Beacon because it really DOES stick to that gradient all the way to the top! There are a few other fairly sharp hills but there's nothing that is both steep and long till you get to the Beacon. There are some nice quiet roads through places like Rusper and Newdigate to the east and north of Horsham, happy pedalling!

Good luck & I'll donate an extra £10.00 and a couple of beers each in Salcombe if you make it all the way without getting off and walking


Posted: 12/06/2012 22:34:21
By: Andrew M
Dr Mills - somehow you owe us another tenner! Cheers, Andy

Posted: 18/06/2012 09:53:30
By: A Dalby
Well done!  Just back from sunny France so will settle up at Salcombe if that's OK.  I see Sadie is doing some serious cycling soon!

Posted: 02/07/2012 11:08:40
By: Andrew M


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