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I just want to publicly thank the club organisation in general for a really good weekend, and the rescue teams in particular for being really on the ball when Laurie Smart cracked a rib in the second race on Saturday. Laurie stubbornly kept his hand on the helm, in spite of being in some pain, but it was most reassuring to see no less than 6 club members wading in to assist us ashore - they had been alerted by radio from the rescue boat. 
Mike Fitzpatrick - I see from Willie Warren's post that you were there - very sorry not to have recognised you - it's been a few decades since I saw you last!

Posted: 27/06/2011 11:50:17
By: Keith Callaghan
Keith we are as daft as each other. It was me that threw you the tow rope - absolutely accurately hitting your mast by some miracle, and we exchanged remarks about it being due to experience. Obviously we are declining at the same rapid rate but never mind, just keep on trucking. Thanks for your thanks to my club. This is a grand place to retire. Why not join me at the Laser Masters Champs here next week.

Posted: 27/06/2011 14:49:49
By: Mike Fitzpatrick


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