Topic : Hayling Silver Tillers 18th & 19th June

Hi All,

Notice of Race for these events will be on the HISC website at any moment! Plans are....

Saturday's Silver Tiller will be the Open water event, comprising two longish races around the Harbour, both to count, with a Lead Boat to ensure no favouritism to locals!

Sunday's Silver Tiller will be the Sea event, comprising three triangle sausages in the Bay, giving competitors advance practice in the waters on which Nationals racing will take place in just a few weeks' time.

The two events are discrete; if you can only make one day you will be at no disadvantage, if you make both days, you get more than double the fun, with Sat evening available to you to enjoy the club and all that goes with it...

More details to follow shortly; block it out in the diary and look forward to seeing you there.

Any q's please ring YT!

07837 239958

Posted: 01/06/2011 17:31:26
By: Measurement Man
Just confirmed a live band for Saturday evening...

Even more fun!


Posted: 06/06/2011 08:40:07
By: Measurement Man

Can I drop my Merlin at the club. On Friday afternoon?

Posted: 13/06/2011 17:27:19
By: Terry (3591)
Can I as well please??  MR 3510

Posted: 14/06/2011 13:51:03
By: Janey
Drpping boats day before should not be a problem, may be idea to ring club in advance 02392 463768 (from memory, so you may want to check) - club will be open till gone midnight Friday

Posted: 15/06/2011 16:03:33
By: johno
To avoid confusion, just wanted to flag up the details on the Notice of Race for the weekend:

Saturday is two races in the harbour, 13.0o start
Sunday is 3 races in the Bay 10.30 start

This updates the information on the link on the front page of this website...

Looking like a hairy chest Saturday at the moment... but don't let that put you off!!


07837 239958

Posted: 15/06/2011 20:48:15
By: Measurement Man
I assume Sunday a 9.30 on the water job and that we will be out there for the duration (5/6 hrs). This has prompted a question from a female crew of my close acquaintance and you can guess what that question is!

Posted: 16/06/2011 20:52:09
By: Alistair
How much chocolate should I take?

Posted: 17/06/2011 09:28:17
By: fribbs
Does any one have a sensible idea of exactly how much wind is expected on Saturday?

Posted: 17/06/2011 11:47:32
By: Hywel jnr
Slightly lower down Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs!

Posted: 17/06/2011 12:28:45
By: Alistair
I fully understand the question, Mr G.

Lady G will be available on the water, complete with all resources needed for the fairer sex!

Jude has also been asking!



Posted: 17/06/2011 13:05:35
By: Champs Man
Hywel, I live on the island and Merlin/ windsurf /kitesurf and been out three evenings this week and therefore an avid watcher of Wind Guru 9km model and Chimet. Chimet is the local weather station in Hayling bay and accessed via the web site for real time weather details of wind and tide. Similarly Cambernet gives real time details for inside the harbour and generaly shows the wind when SW is about 7-10 kts less than in the bay. 

I can assure you that the 9km Wind Guru model ( the others not so good)is correct and can be trended against Chimet to prove the point.

As Graham says dont let that put you off, we will get some great sailing in over the weekend!

Hope that helps

Posted: 17/06/2011 13:18:31
By: Rod 3704
No racing today as too windy.
Maybe racing tomorrow and may or may not be out to sea depending on the wind.

Posted: 18/06/2011 21:10:15
By: Brian
The results are - link below.

Posted: 19/06/2011 17:32:30
By: Results
Now that was a bit different to sailing inland on a lake or resvevoir!!!!!
For the reulst team 356 was 3496 in disguise and I did let the race team know beforehand


Posted: 19/06/2011 20:31:07
By: Martin
Link to the report below - I assume the sailing was out to sea?

Posted: 24/06/2011 13:27:49
By: Brian
Hi Brian,

Sorry for being dilatory in getting post event info posted..

Sat was blown off, to a mix of releif and disappointment. I think there was confusion in the wind despatch department - I ordered what I wanted, the Solo fleet captain (with whom we were sharing the weekend) ordered his wind, and the despatchers mistakenly added the orders together..

By Sunday the matter was resolved and we were able to get some cracking sailing in the Bay. By the end of the second race the rapid increase in wind from the west that the Bramblemet weather station had been foretelling appeared, and Roger Palmer, our venerable RO, sent us ashore. His timing was perfecto; as we were de-rigging there was a continuous increase in strength and by the time we left it was blowing 35 - 40 consistently.

An excellent weekend for those that were there - although clearly many were put off by the forecast.

Looking forward enormously to welcoming allcomers to the champs in a few weeks, so don't delay enter today!


Posted: 28/06/2011 14:29:08
By: Champs Man


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