It’s now less than a week to go to the start of the River Championships, which are held during Bourne End Week at Upper Thames. The racing is from Saturday 28th May through to Tuesday 31st May.  Take one day holiday and enjoy four days racing!

Last year we had 16 boats attend, and it would be great if we could muster that many or preferably more this year, and maintain our standing as the largest fleet.

Mike Stevens will be defending his title, but sadly Martin Hunter will be sailing Spindrift in the Rater fleet, rather than join the Merlin’ll have to change allegiance next year Martin...

Registration is available through Sailracer,, or alternatively at the club on the evenings of Wednesday 25th, Friday 27th, or each morning of the event.

The BEW schedule is available on the Upper Thames website, together with details of the social events. As always, free camping is available in ‘Sin City’, with the galley being open from 0800 hrs.

Prize-giving is held on the Tuesday, but it’s possible to get a result without racing the final day, so why not come to the historic Bourne End Week, or “Cowes-on-Thames” as it was referred to in the 1920’s.

Posted: 23/05/2011 10:05:16
By: Richard P
What time does the cocktail party start?!

Posted: 24/05/2011 13:42:38
By: deepy
Sunday's cocktail party starts at 1830hrs....

Posted: 24/05/2011 14:21:11
By: Richard P
Me and Nicky ET will be there; first time with our new (old) Procter IXb Sorcery (1920). Part of the new Merlin Vintage fleet from TSC. Very excited, but also very nervous too; first open for event where we'll be helming.

Posted: 26/05/2011 22:20:23
By: Melanie Hardman
Looking forward to having you there.  Quite a few merlins turned up on Wednesday; we should have a good turn out and I'm sure we'll all have a great time.

Posted: 27/05/2011 08:10:27
By: Richard P
One of them was Sorcery :-)

Posted: 27/05/2011 09:13:45
By: Melanie Hardman
Here are some of my images from BEW:

Posted: 08/06/2011 13:22:31
By: Melanie Hardman
Thanks Mel.  My photos will be on facebook shortly, for all to enjoy....

And thanks to all who came to enjoy the River Champs. David Vines and Fran Gifford took the trophy, closely followed by Mike Stevens and Jenny King, with Duncan and Harriet Salmon in third.

Full results available at

Posted: 08/06/2011 15:35:57
By: Richard P
I'm afraid this forum is a bit out-of-date and not able to automatically detect links. When you add a comment, you need to use the next box below it to write the URL in.

Posted: 09/06/2011 09:10:16
By: Mags
I was wondering how you did that!

Posted: 09/06/2011 09:26:23
By: Melanie Hardman


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