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A few photos taken from the committee boat today

Posted: 22/05/2011 20:46:06
By: Dave
Sadly cannot open this is the URL correct?
Oh yes results?

Posted: 22/05/2011 22:04:48
By: :)
A few pictures on here of the Inlands.  Nice concrete wall ! , perhaps that's why some the HISC Merlins stayed put and did the Glynn Charles Pursuit instead!?!? They love aesthetics and pretty views, colours[email protected]/sets/72157626657080209/with/5747701799/[email protected]/sets/72157626657080209/with/5747701799/

Posted: 23/05/2011 06:59:48
By: Tim B

Posted: 23/05/2011 07:01:20
By: drop the https
I think the link on the first post should be

Posted: 23/05/2011 07:04:26
By: Tim B
sorry, just remove the first {https:) from the title bar when the error page loads up from the link

Posted: 23/05/2011 07:06:11
By: Tim B
Good win for Jon Gorringe and Toby Lewis - 3 x 1st on Sat, and a broken mast Sun am after which racing was canned due to the conditions.  Taxi & Tom Pygall second and Willy Warren 3rd.

More to follow I am sure..


Posted: 23/05/2011 07:54:03
By: Measurement Man
Tom Stewart broke his mast in the first race (note to helm remember the puller): shame really as he was OCS anyway!

Matt's delaminated rudder on Sunday was quite impressive!

Posted: 23/05/2011 11:16:53
By: Midlander
Just a tad breezy from the looks of it!

Posted: 23/05/2011 11:56:32
By: Andrew M
Any full results ?? None on venues website

Posted: 23/05/2011 13:27:22
By: Ian
Results and report will follow shortly, please be patient and consider we have day jobs!

Posted: 23/05/2011 13:34:48
By: Alex
Very breezy, too much on Sunday

Posted: 23/05/2011 14:22:45
By: Rob H

Posted: 23/05/2011 22:52:30
By: :)
Just for the record and no offence to Bartley sailing club who are doing a grand job of growing their fleet could I point out that 3496 Smokin is a fully paid up member of Blithfield sailing club and not Bartley as the results show!

Posted: 24/05/2011 00:03:43
By: Martin
I'll try and change it before the report goes out Martin.

Posted: 25/05/2011 11:23:22
By: Ben 3634
The Notes column in the results makes interesting reading.  Does the class allow non members to compete in class events and series?

Posted: 25/05/2011 13:49:19
By: fribbs
Notes column isn't accurate not sure where it came from but for sure John and Andy are members

Posted: 25/05/2011 22:43:11
By: Megan
The 'members' is a club thing-I know not what-and is unrelated to the MROA.

Posted: 26/05/2011 08:19:42
By: Ben 3634
Could be for the midland circuit points?

Posted: 26/05/2011 09:42:29
By: Chris m
The intention is to get the class back in the habit of bringing measurement certificates with up-to-date class membership stickers to events. For Salcombe Week and the Champs we will be checking these at registration.

Posted: 26/05/2011 12:12:59
By: Alex
I always have mine but nobody ever asks for it!

Posted: 26/05/2011 13:11:52
By: Jez3645

That makes total sense.
Will there be a nominated MROA official at the Salcombe registrarion checking memberships and prising open the wallets of the non-members? I only ask 'cause last time it was done we had to fumigate the building to get rid of the moths!!!!!

Posted: 26/05/2011 18:29:51
By: John Murrell
Will my teeth help. Owner will be happy to help 

Will bring my dust mask.

Membership man

Posted: 26/05/2011 21:14:22
By: Megan
Surely with a full entry list and the names already known it would not be hard to check them off and discretely contact those yet to pay, although a good public shaming is always good for a laugh!

Posted: 26/05/2011 22:27:26
By: Martin
Hi all

Please note the time of this post and the fact that this is Brightlingsea's evening series night! - Apologies over and done with.

I think that people who race in our open series should pay the toll of membership -they do benefit from a strong class with (nearly) clear rules and lots of organisation.

A long time ago I suffered the vagaries of the strict enforcement of the Enterprise class rules. What this meant was that it was a continuous issue - had your remembered to bring the certificate, was it appropriately endorsed, had I infringed some minor rule? On one occasion I had my new boat measured correctly, but the hierarchy thought not, must I go home at an Inland Championships? This was a pain.

When I start dinghy sailing again in an RS400 there were no such problems - IT was an RS400, no one asked - even about class association membership!

Please let us not go back to those days of panicking because the certificate is not in the car (we are on a register) or worrying about administration. Of course a boat (and crew) must be legal but rejecting people on the basis of failure to remember to produce paperwork is counter-productive for the sport and class!

I want to sail, participate, have fun - not worry


David Charlton
Merlin 3717

Posted: 27/05/2011 00:00:31
By: DaveC


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