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Just checked the HISC ST page on the website here and see that it gives the wrong telephone number for me.

Please disregard that one and use the one in the magazine or yearbook if you need to contact me for info.

The NoR is now available as per the link below.

Looking forward to seeing you all there on the 16th, and don't forget the Glynn Charles on the 15th - always a good do...



Posted: 06/05/2010 21:02:28
By: measurement man
What is the format of the racing, is it 3 races btb?

Posted: 06/05/2010 21:53:07
By: Paul
almost certainly

Posted: 07/05/2010 07:14:22
By: Chris M
if we get over 30knts again, will we be sailing, it was such fun on Monday ....... not

Posted: 07/05/2010 13:35:15
By: johno3710
If were lucky we might see 10 Knots

Posted: 12/05/2010 09:40:59
By: Terry
I think it is looking like a perfect sea breeze day, warm, sunny and the wind in the right direction at last!

Posted: 12/05/2010 11:10:18
By: william warren
Yes it looks like a nice day!
Word of warning though - don't underestimate how long it takes to sail out to the start area as it is spring tides. HW 13.10 so when we are launching about 10.00 it will be on full flood.

Posted: 12/05/2010 13:26:58
By: Pat Blake
Forecast looks very good - sunny with 13 or more MPH westerly - which will help against the tide.  Probably better conditions than for the Glyn Charles pursuit on saturday.

Posted: 13/05/2010 19:55:05
By: mark nicholson
Oh no. Just realised that we are all going to miss Top Gun on E4 at 9PM on Saturday.

Posted: 13/05/2010 21:28:14
By: Chris Robinson


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