Topic : goodwood revival meeting

I have started this new thread because the old one had the wrong heading.
I have put a link to the old one I think! So we have DH, Dan, John Dalby, Me so far - what about the Jacksons Alex and Ross - Mrs Tosh and family - Ian and Jan and anyone else I may have missed - need to get some ideas of numbers. Are we doing the full 4 Nights in the camp site and the full 3 days at the event - reckon we should?

Posted: 24/03/2010 07:49:15
By: the gurn
Sorry - missed out Deepy, Andrew and Kieron - who is Keiron?(what vehicles are you using?)

Posted: 24/03/2010 07:53:11
By: the gurn
I've been needing a firm deadline to complete a reassembly of a period vehicle to attend the event, so perhaps this is it. It's a 60's Triton complete with clip ons etc, will be travelling from the midlands with a range of spanners and oil proof boots.
I'd be unlikely to stay for three days though,

Posted: 24/03/2010 13:28:25
By: KM
Working on it actually, though think it may be just me and my Dad in his MG (These Dads come in handy from time to time!) and just for a day. Will keep you posted x

Posted: 24/03/2010 14:01:33
By: Mrs Tosh
i havnt got the required braincells to get somedownload thingie to get into the website, is the cutoff year for vehicles for entry into the paddock 1966? cheers D.H, ( are you coming to marge?)

Posted: 24/03/2010 22:49:23
By: D.H
Hi DH there is no cut off to get into the paddock - except that you might need to wear a set of 1950's castrol overalls - or a crevat. To get into the classic car park you need to be pre 1966 yes - but I expect we will stroll in from the camp site

Posted: 25/03/2010 08:19:58
By: the gurn
DH- been waiting for you to keep your promise for years!!! Sounds good but am a little concerned about references to camping. Am a bit of a princess about that sort of thing(ask Davo).

Posted: 25/03/2010 10:25:22
By: Mrs S
Re: our conversation during the week Stuart!

Posted: 05/06/2010 10:00:56
By: Mrs Tosh


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