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Hi, I am currently restoring merlin rocket 2360, Edelweiss III.  She came with a few sails that I have only just got around to looking at.  It turns out I have 5 mains sails, all in very good condition.  As a result I have three for sale.

one with sail number 1716
two with sail number 970

If anyone is interested contact me as they are surplus to requirements.
I am located in the South West.

Posted: 03/03/2010 15:48:37
By: Tom Blackmore
Here are the details of the sails:

Sail 1:
maker: W.G. Lucas & Sons, Sail makers, Portsmouth
Age: unknown
luff: 5720mm
foot: 2310mm

Sail 2:
maker: W.G. Lucas & Sons, Sail makers, Portsmouth
Age: made in 1963
luff: 5700-5720mm
foot: 2360mm

Sail 3:
maker: Jeckells, Wroxham, Norfolk
Age: unknown
luff: 5700mm
foot: 2280mm

Sail 2 is the oldest so the other two sails will be younger than 1963,
but exact age unknown as it is not specified on the sail. As you can
see from the photos the sails are in very good condition.

If you would like any of the sails then please make me an offer.

Posted: 06/03/2010 19:55:37
By: Tom Blackmore


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